Wasteland Warfare Homestead in 2d20

I wonder if anyone has combined the Homestead settlement rules in 2d20? I love FWW and getting started on 2d20 (finally got th grou to move) but we all want deeper settlement building rules. FWW seems to have a pretty good start but not sur how it translates to 2d20. Anyone look at this?

I think the settlement reputation and status rules from Winter of Atom would be a better starting point.

While the players COULD start their own settlement that only they lived in it’s not a great idea. An unoccupied settlement is just a loot crate for raiders.

Whether the players join an existing settlement or start their own they will want to recruit more settlers. Thus both their reputation with other settlements and the status of where they are recruiting for will affect the difficulty of any recruitment tests.

The Homestead rules are specifically designed to give gameplay advantages. An RPG settlement is a set of responsibilities. The homestead rules do however give some reference to what kind of structures you may want in the RPG.

Well, if you didnt see it Modiphius released a full settlement sourcebook today which also has a lot of new character options.

I did Thanks! Reeading it now :slight_smile: Well the PDF