Fallout 2d20 roleplaying game.. will there be exploration mechanics

along the lines of forbidden lands added to the base game in the future as exploration is a major part of the game/world.

It’s definitely a glaring omission I hope they expand upon later.

They were in the playtest document. I’m hoping they’re in the GM Toolkit but if not I’m going to use the playtest ones as it’s pretty central to my game.

They were in the playtest? How did I miss that.

The survival chapter of the Beta document has terrain, travel speed, navigating, getting lost etc.

Navigating the wasteland and location generation rules will be in the GM’s Toolkit.


Thanks! Is there any ballpark ETA on those? They’re fairly important rules to running a game :slight_smile:

Seeing as it’s partly tied to exploration, I figured I’d piggyback on this thread:

Will Settlement rules possibly be in the GM’s Kit or further down the line (pretty sure we all know their coming lol)? Just trying to decide if I need to start cooking up settlement building rules now if they won’t officially be released for a few years or just be patient for a couple more months :slight_smile:

Settlement rules are on our development wish list.


I’m working on my own for our West March style game cobbling together some stuff from Conan (the Exiles sourcebook), Mutant Year Zero and the Fallout video games.

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but I developed some settlement statistic rules, and a random settlement generator:


Nice. I’m looking at using the MYZ ratings with Food, Technology and Defense being the 3 markers and then allowing the PCs to build improvements like crop lands or animal pens, generators and museums to alter those markers.

I’m working on some pretty in depth exploration rules using a hexcrawl system There’s still a lot of work to do but the basics are there so it should be playable.

Hexcrawl exploration v. 1.1 (WIP)


I’m working on some exploration rules as my game is a West Marches style. I’ll definitely need to look at these. Thanks!

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I’ve done a bit more work on it but there are still some basic mechanics I’m unsure of like AP cost for exploration and camp actions. Also need to add terrain rules.

Hey Sam!

Will there be a PDF-only version of the Tool Kit book/rules available?

After playing a few games, it feels odd that the scavenging tables and location resources are locked away in the GM Tool Kit rather than the core rules.


Any discussion on this? I would like a PDF of this content.

I think a PDF (of the toolkit) option was mentioned but they were waiting a while after release of the physical version.