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Future releases for the game

Well, now that people are receiving their copies of the game and the various bits of initial items it’s time for the inevitable thread about future content:

So we know that Modiphius is already working on new content (which we will hopefully hear about soon) but I’m curious what other people are wanting to see first now that we’ve gotten a look at the GM Kit and Corebook.

For me, I was hoping that we’d see Settlement creation rules in the GM kit as well as at least a very example vehicles for that nice, shiny Pilot skill but no luck there.

So I think my first wanted item would be a sourcebook for settlements, different types of them for the GM and starting them for the players. You could even roll some of the vehicle stuff in there with a garage for the settlement. After that I’m honestly torn between Faction sourcebooks (Brotherhood of Steel, Enclave and NCR as individual sourcebooks with new origins, perks, gear, etc) or Region Sourcebooks (New Vegas, Capital Wasteland, Appalachia; with area specific enemies, factions, etc).

Eventually a single bestiary combining NPCs and enemies from each book would be nice but I don’t think 100% necessary.

That’s just a few things I’ve got rolling through my head right now for the future of the game line, what do you guys think?


I absolutely want to see Settlement rules. Even if they do like a Fallout 4 Sourcebook that details the Commonwealth, the factions and then the Settlement rules since it was a big part of that game. They’ve already got a good basis with the material in Conan: The Exiles to build from :slight_smile:


Settlement rules and faction books would be my top choices (in that order). Area books I can do without. I’d rather make my own campaign “world”, at least at first.

The one thing I’m really not interested in is a Commonwealth setting book. I hope they do faction books, an equipment guide, a monster manual or settlement rules first.

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I decided to get F4RPG only as I really enjoyed the PS4 game… I’ve got the Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide so I’m basically ripping off all the side quests from the PS4 game… should keep the players busy for months.

I would really love to get origin options for synths, and more robots, like Protectrons and Securitrons.

considering the whole book was basically set in the commonweath the fact we don’t have a synth origin kinda grinded my gears.

Agreed! It’s an odd omission, and very gear grind worthy.

Right up there with scavenging rules in the GM toolkit, and a yet-to-be-released prequel quest that’s referenced in the CRB (shrugs)