Any word on the starter set or other products?

It doesnt look like I will be able to get any new Fallout stuff over the holidays but hopefully something is in the pipeline!

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The only confirmed upcomming release is the starter set. As per the Q&A that were recently released on YouTube, all other projects are being considered. Based on the Q&A, I do not think we will see many releases for Fallout 2d20, which I find sad, and we will likely not see any new setting material - especially for the older games…

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It certainly seemed like there was no interest in doing setting books. There are a fair number of products that would seem to be do-able (based on what we could glean on their IP issues) and desirable. A referee screen for one, although that may be included in the starter set no real info there. We could use a set of “catalog and creation” guides for creatures, robots, and equipment. Settlement building seems like an obvious choice. From discussion here, it seems like the crafting rules could use some tweaking so that could be in the equipment guide. I guess I just dont want it to become a one book wonder.


Both Settlement rules and vehicle rules are hinted at in the core book, so I do hope we will see them sooner, rather than later.

Personally I think rule-focused books are a boring read, but I know not everybody feels that way. I prefer rules being connected to the fluff in the books themselves. Ripped from the setting, they often feel disconnected :man_shrugging:

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I tend to agree. I would really like to see setting books for at least the Bethesda era settings (DC, New Vegas, Boston, and West Virginia. If the IP and research issues make that too difficult and the IP holder is not willing to give Modiphius an area to make their own, maybe they could create a fictional area to develop. Maybe Poseidon Oil created a chain of man made islands to connect oil platforms in the gulf, each one with company towns and created with their own specific ambiance. Mutated sea life makes travel to the mainland difficult. Unlikely to touch on any future projects + makes it easy to add whatever factions you want to play with.


I prefer rules based expansion books separate from setting expansion books. I want both, but keeping the rules books separate makes it easier for reference purposes. Don’t need to carry around 400 extra pages of fluff you don’t need to reference when playing.

I really want rules for creation of custom things. Like rules for creating custom enemies that are more streamlined than just roll up a character for the baddie and more advanced than random mob basic stats. And I want it in such a way that it comes with an XP value when you add up the stats, skills, and equipment.

Rules for creating and maintaining vehicles and vehicular combat.

Rules for settlement management and shop maintenance.

Hell a book of nothing but equipment and equipment rules. Mods, custom gear, unique items, etc would be extremely helpful.

There is a lot of room for opportunity here but so little of it has been developed in the main book.

Then of course also give us faction books for NCR, Ceasar’s Legion, BoS, Grey’s Supermutants, Rangers, etc.

And setting books for California, Nevada, Massachusetts, Capitol Wasteland, maybe even official books for settings where games haven’t taken place yet.

It really feels like there is a ton of opportunity here. Plenty of low hanging fruit. I am disappointed to see so little official development in this TTRPG.