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What I want in the Fallout 2d20 RPG

With the announcement that Modiphius will be producing the official Fallout PnP RPG(Well done guys, so much rather you than Fantasy Flight), I thought I’d throw out what I personally will be hoping for in the 2d20 version of the game.

Some context, I have been playing Fallout games since Fallout 1 was originally released back when I was in High School. I have cobbled together and run several Fallout games in various systems over the decades too (from GURPS to Cypher to even 2d20).

Okay, my list. Keep in mind these are going to be system-related, not World or Story related.

Really Want:
SPECIAL: Well of course. Only make sense, it’s been in every Fallout since the beginning. It’s also rare that a Video game has a Stat Line basically already in line with the chosen system.
Skill List: Would like a Skill list obviously. Thinking around the level of Conan personally.
Perks: The incorporation of Perks seems like a no-brainer as well, and ties into the systems use of Talents anyways. Not sure if I prefer Tiered(Ala Fallout 4), or just one time use (Fallouts 1-3 + New Vegas).
Settlements: I may be in the minority, but the Settlement building was my favorite aspects of Fallout 4, and I would love to see some rules for building and running your own settlements. Could take a page from M:Y0 even.

Kinda Want:
Armor: Not just saying I want armor. I would be cool if it included ala carte armor pieces, for use with a hit location table, as well as just base armor for use without. Basically like Conan. Armor Customization, as in fallout 4, could be cool as well, if possibly a little fiddly and maybe just too many Perks.
Weapons: As with armor, the idea of Weapon customization could be cool, but I don’t think is absolutely necessary. Though Legendary effects could be interesting.

Don’t care either way:
VATS: Doesn’t really matter to me if this is somehow incorporated or not. Unsure how it would be, but I’m not the professional game designer. Hmmm Maybe “VATS” is just what Momentum is called? I don’t know, it’s a concept that works in the Video games, but not sure it can translate over to the PnP.

So that’s what I have so far, and I’m sure I’ll come up with more stuff as I think on it more. Also, anyone who has things they’d be interested in seeing please feel free to comment.


I’d say Vats would be more like determination than momentum

You missed the point :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
What we really want is the ability to play Mutant, Ghul, or Deathclaw characters!
Come on, a mutated (because much more intelligent) Deathclaw character? Who could resist this?

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also synths and robots ?

But then I want cool rules for training (programming) them and cool rules for healing (repairing) them! These rules should make them just another option for playing, not the only mega option!

I was wondering if this was still going to come out because of the lack of info. All I see is wasteland warfare rpg so just curious.

Also will they go through a playtest like they did for Star Trek, I enjoyed that.

due out next year (I assume 4th quarter for Dune so I’m assuming 3rd for Fallout but don’t assume I know much)

Hello there !

Just here to know more about the RPG pen & paper for Fallout.
I only see posts related to the miniature game and I’m not interested at all about that one).
Soes somebody have any news ?

Thanks in advance !

the 2d20 rpg is still in closed beta and therefore we are not allowed to speak about it

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Everything addressed sounds cool to me lol!!

Calling determination: VATS seems like a cool conceit too, that pool seems to have a different name in each of the game lines

Oh, man!

Years ago I hunted for Fallout PNP all across the Internet. I didn’t like the system, so I made my own version using the Silhouette system from Dream Pod 9. It was horrible, being generous. Then, years later, I decided to use the Hitos system from NoSoloRol (an spanish company) to try again. It was fun… but unplayable. I was about to (thinking about) finish an expansion about settlers on Megaton when I found this Fallout 2d20 amazing idea.

So, I want it all. I want SPECIAL, Perks, creatures… And I want dark humour, and desolation, and hope, and narrative, and making hard decisions, and funy robots, and the Enclave, and nuka-cola, and the war (wich never changes).

I mean. I do not really care at all about the specifics. I know the 2d20 system is cool. What I want is it to taste like a warm 200 years old still irradiated nuka-cola found in ruin… seconds before a pack of ghouls start running after my ■■■ (my no-ammo sorry ■■■, if possible).

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I hope they have some kind of expedition/journeying mechanic such as forbidden lands/the one ring have as exploring was half the fun of the game.

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Hello there !
Me again xD. Any news about the Fallout PnP ? Still in closed beta ? :).

Stay safe all !

The beta has concluded, and we’re working through feedback and making revisions and doing the other work that turns manuscripts into a book.

That does mean there’ll be some quiet for a little while.

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Even if they don’t I plan to try to coble something together. I may even tie in the enclave, such as he escaped or thought dead but returned for revenge.