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Fallout 2d20 News?

Hi all relative newbie / lurker here,

Any news on the Fallout 2d20? Really keen to play this with my group, and they are raring to go as well!



Guess not :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m very disappointed in the lack of news about this you’d think that there would be much better communication considering the interest about the game.

The game entered playtesting earlier this year. Of course, the global pandemic has been somewhat disruptive, so patience is requested.

Would it help if you had more playtesters?

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You would think so, agentpumpkin. It is odd. I own tons of Modiphius products and spent thousands with them, including the Borg Cube for Star Trek Adventures when it first released, but somehow always get screwed on playtesting for them. I’ve been gaming since around 1982 avidly and have a MASSIVE RPG collection that spans multiple bookshelves with books in 2 houses. I’ve alpha and beta tested tons of games and provide good feedback. I was accepted to test The Fall of London but never received all the stuff to do it properly, and when I asked about it I was told it was now too late. You can give me Fallout 2D20 testing to make up for that bad experience! LOL

Would give my back teeth to get in on the playtesting. Got a group raring to get into the wasteland …

Any updates on more tester waves or release dates? The pandemic is perfect time to have a captive set of survivors to Oversee!!!

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Have you applied to be a playtester when they do the calls? IIRC the call for testers for Fallout went out in perhaps early January or late December. I know our group was accepted January 14th.