Trying this Game Out

I really want to give this game a go, it looks really good. I know there were problmes with the first printing but it looks like fun. Unfortunately there seems to be not much for it. I can’t see any scenarios and it does not seem to be as well supported as something like Star Trek Adventures.

Is there any idea of what is coming out for it. I can;t see much on the horizon.

The only thing confirmed to be coming out at this time is a starter set. There was talk about some setting agnostic stuff (like a bestiary, settlement book, etc) but I dont think they were ever confirmed and there hasn’t been any announcements in a very long time :frowning:

Bear in mind that Star Trek Adventures has been available for several years now, and when it was first released, there was a similar gap between core rulebook and the first supplements. It took time for Star Trek Adventures to build up to that level of support, and Fallout 2d20 hasn’t been out for very long, comparatively speaking.


Fallout has been out for over a year now and while I’m cautiously optimistic that something else will be released it has gone from excited anticipation to antipathy.

Thanks guys for the replies, especially yours Nathan I appreciate that observation. I suppose if we dont buy the game and at least give it go its fair to say that its not going to get much support if we dont take the risk.

Our experience with the 2d20 rules has been really enjoyble, the players I’ve got love it.

Just as a matter of interest are the problems with the core rules minor or major? Is it better to wait for a reprint to fix the errors?

Also, is there much homebrew stuff out there?

Most of the errors are managable, others a bit trickier.

For example, the Power Armor section has two columns inverted (Price and Weight).
To be honest, I didn’t know until I’ve read about it; I just though the weight were super exagerated because Power Armor wasn’t meant to be carried by hand. I found it odd how cheap they were tough lol.

Some perks have only 3 levels when they should have 4. I can live with that.

Some guns have missing mods in their table. Sad but not game breaking.

Beverage table repeats 3 times. Funny, if anything.

There are missing location hit tables for specific monsters such as flying insects and quadrupeds. Meh, I’d probably just wing it anyway with the humanoid table.

Ranged weapon loot table is missing a whole line, so you can’t randomly generate some weapons. That’s a bit bad, although at least you’d notice as some of the results are missing.

Where it’s a bit trickier is a lot of monsters stats have been corrected. That’s the kind of thing you’d never remember (there’s a TON of changes, like 2 pages) and unless you’re a madman and liquid paper your rulebooks to apply Errata or have fiddly post-it everywhere that you lose all the time, I’m not so sure how you’d keep the info (printed sheet and cross-checking stats is NOT something I’d consider a good option). Fortunately, it’s not really game breaking. Some monsters are stronger or weaker than they should be, so what.

Although, some monsters are missing attacks entirely (Mirelurk Hunter have no Acid Spit attack listed).
That’s a bit more awkward to figure out but again, the GM can just wing it so not game breaking.

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Well that does not seem like too much of a big deal. Thnaks for the analysis.

Got to play a session of this at Origins last week and had a blast. I’ve only ever played the original computer game over 20 years ago but this system captured the feel of it very well, and really offered us a lot of flexibility in play. I hope there are more books published for it.

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