Starter Set on pre-order!

Just saw this pop up on the Modiphius site on pre-order - at long last the Starter Set is on the way!


Feels very redundant to what we already have. Aside from the adventure, is anything in there new or unique?

I agree that there appears to be a fair amount of duplication between the core book and the starter set but this is pretty standard in all RPGs.

My question is whether the smaller rulebook in the starter set has been adjusted for all the errata.

At this price I’ll definitely be buying it, regardless of the crossover.

To me it seems the pdf is going to be a better purchase, as the adventure is the only thing that interests me, perhaps the premade characters too.

Definitely a do-over with a lot of the stuff from the core book.

The quest(s) alone will be worth it for me. Still weird it took this long for the “starter set” to come out considering the core book is nearly a year old. Would have hoped for a new expansion or source book by now, not a day-1 quick start guide.

And still no GM screen…

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