2. print with errata updates

When/if the core book is sold out will there be a second printrun of the book with corrections of the errors in 1. print?


I think if there going to do such a thing they’d be best to have something for the folks who bought the first printing. Modiphius has seemingly burned a lot of good will with Fallout.


I have to agree with that as I’m one if them!

It will soon be a year gone by at this rate since the previous pitiful attempt at an errata. :angry: :confounded:

The radio silence on Fallout - are there supplements coming, what about the starter kit with the starting adventure, updated errata etc. is worrying.


I’d give them a little extra leeway with their game licensed rpgs. Green Ronin had a hell of a time with Dragon Age. Every time they announced something it got delayed. Some of the delays led them to skip book 2 and 3 and release a combined book with all the content of the those two. So pr wise it is best to keep upcoming releases close to the chest until EA/Bioware signs off on them and they can hit the ‘go’ button. As long as it sells there will likely be more but it may come out much slower than their other games. Some more content for the miniature game came out recently so I take that as a good sign.


thanks for the awesome information.

I hear that, and I think that’s pretty fair. Though I think at least a tip of the hat that they’re doing something would at least be good business and just nice to the community that is picking up books.

I’m not aware of any game company that’s ever done anything for owners of previous, pre errata, versions of their physical rule books when they release an updated one. It would be really awesome of them to do, but I don’t see it happening. It’s just not practical.

As long as we get updates to the PDF, I’ll be happy.

Mongoose Publishing. The initial printing of their Conan RPG had some major editing issues, Spel Lb. ook being the most prominent. They ended up doing a reprint and gave free replacement copies to all that requested them (no need to return the original though).


A year on and still no sign of an updated Errata…this is just showing disrespect to the customers that bought the game.

I for one am seriously annoyed and am having doubts about supporting any further products they might come up with.

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Along with an updated list of the changes too