Official Errata for Conan: will they ever appear?

Speaking of practical things which (in theory) should not be censored: after all these years, does Modiphius have any plans for publishing an official Errata PDF document?

Core Rules has its own few issues, although old gamers already know them, since we have been asking them since forever. There was a time where kind Modiphius authors used to answer on G+, but that community disappeared, as also the (very useful) link to the Sorcery FAQ.
And new gamers…will just ask the same questions again and again.
An Errata PDF will definitively solve things.

More problematic are the (unfortunately many) errors/problems in JEwels of the Earth and Book of Skelos. Both of these books are now at least 3 years old.

Any plan for Errata?


I really doubt that there will be any errata.


Has @modiphius basically quit supporting this game? I’m a fairly newcomer to this game but have quickly bought all the books I could find. I’m beginning to regret that a bit lately. I don’t see any engagement in the forums from staff except to lock threads and issue official company statements. There are a good bit of rules issues that need clarification and there seems to be no official way to get answers anymore.


I’m avraid that they wil never publish or create any errata.
I asked the same question and called others to react but no result (Errata and official rulings).
I even mailed Help & Support with several questions, but never got any answer.
I always hope that a lot of players and GM unite and demande an offcial responce, sort of forcing their hand.
I am very disapointed in the lack in interest in what I call basic customer support.
If somethings is not clear or needs more explication a compagnie should do it uther best to solve that.


In defense of Modiphius, the new banner says to ask errata questions here. It didn’t say they would answer them.

As the delivery of Wave 1 to 3, the ones financed by the Conan Kickstarter, is coming to an end, there is definitely the opportunity to collect all the errata that came up until now.

Modiphius has announced to continue the Conan line of products for a Wave 4 and Wave 5. So that could give a good justification for putting some effort into fixing known errors and improving the quality and clarity of the core rules.

There are quite a few source books, especially the very error ridden Skelos book, that are in dire need of clarification and error fixing.

The old Google+ Sorcery FAQ is still very helpful, but there are still many open questions (especially caused by the book of Skelos problems).

Other 2d20-based games, like Mutant Chronicles, seem to be no longer supported in any way by Modiphius, as they delivered all the books financed by the Kickstarter and there are no plans for further products announced.
But for Conan there are additional Waves of quite a number of products announced. So I would expect clearing up well-known problems could be justified.


It really feels like Modiphius is going on with Conan just because it has to. A cumbersome, problematic IP with a limited pool of buyers. It is really not worth going through the trouble of revising your products (unless people boo you on twitter, in that case you do it in the quickest and sloppiest way, then quash any criticism that arises) if the people who buy them are just diehard fans who have not to be convinced. They will not release errata, they will not listen to any complaint. They will just get it done, discontinue it when it is safe and happily focus on more lucrative products.

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I really like the 2d20 system in its different variants. But this issue, that there are no collected, official errata, is the same in Mutant Chronicles, Infinity, John Carter, Conan and Star Trek Adventures (Dishonored is not long published, so there might be still hope).

Luckily, the older 2d20 products had the fortune to be discussed on Google+ where authors and developers gave clarification and explanation to some of the discovered errors. But here in Modiphius own forums you find this kind of important customer support very rarely.

There is definitely an improvement opportunity for Modiphius in this regard.


Or maybe it’s because during the G+ times many of the authors of the books we have were still employed by Modiphius.

I really wonder how many Modiphius employees really play Conan 2d20 now beyond their working duties and can properly answer questions. But this is something which we cannot know.


I was happy to see that errata collected for the early release of the STA Klingon book was incorporated into the final release. Happy because it seems that once the books have seen print, the company is pretty much done with them and doesn’t spend any more time on them.

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When they wrote Conan, they got a LOT of feedback, and in fact the Core Rules has still some problems (in Alchemy there is still 1 error), but not many wrongly written passages.
The problem was the Sorcery chapter with many things which are not inherently “wrong” but which should have been written in a better, more exlicit way.
In G+ times the authors published the Sorcery FAQ and fixed somehow…until it was available. I expected it to appear in an official way on the Modiphius website, but it never happened.

The real disasters were Skelos and Jewels: these two books REALLY need official errata (especially Skelos, since a GM can always find fixes for the adventures in Jewels)

The subsequent books were all given to backers for enough time to let us spot errors.

They did the same with the first version of Wanderer, while the new, edited version…you all know about it, and at this point I guess everybody has his own opinion.

In any case, we need an Official Errata document.


I don’t think there will be official errata or rework of existing sources. Modiphius staff seems to be spread all over the place on new projects. Depending on the sales, they might not do anything after the KS funder part is done.


Thank you for raising this. We’re starting to compile errata to create an official document. If you wish to contribute, please do so on this thread.


Conan the Scout, p. 7. Clanfolk Caste gives the Caste Talents Clannish and Hunter, referencing (Conan corebook, page 19). But, Core page 19 lists Castes in the core book, it’s not a list of talents. Instead, the reference should be to Core page 86, the Hunter talent being one of the Survival skill’s talents.

But, Hunter has Born Wild and Tracker as prerequisites. Are these prerequisites skipped?

In the character creator, if you choose Clanfolk, the description given for the Hunter talent does not match the description (or ability granted) of the Hunter talent on the Survival skill tree.


You’ve lived with the wild as a constant neighbor, and know how to take from that environment what is necessary for survival. When in the rural parts of their homeland, the number of successes required for any Survival tests you attempt is reduced by 1, even if this reduces the Difficulty of the test to Simple (D0).

Where is this from? It’s baffling!

Thank you for posting this! Currently we are gathering errata on the thread I linked above (this one) and for the moment we are working only on the Core rulebook errata. I will collect this for whenever we work on errata for sourcebooks.


OK, I understand. In the meantime, I’ll try and find an answer to this talent question for my player (I’m the GM).

Oh I meant to reply in that thread, must have had this one open by accident and I replied in the wrong one! I’ll copy my post over.