Age of Conan book errata?

I just did the pre-order and was looking through the PDF. I noticed that there is some reference to Kambuja - which is fine if we’re talking about this world, but I’ve always seen the Hyborian kingdom spelled with an L, as in Kambulja.

I feel Kambuja is OK…by the way there are a few more objective typos:


  • Momentum spends tables have wrong titles (Touch of Mitra instead of Touch of Healing and Snakes or Set instead of Venom Strike),

Page 36-37: Quicksand has no Momentum spends table

Page 34: Demonic forms seems to start mentionining a rule (“…Suffering one or more Traumas in this form…”) but it does not finish it (as we do not know what happens, in mechanics terms, if one or more traumas are suffered).

page 37, upper, left (the final part of Shamanic Rules text).

“…+1 armor or Courage”…" I feel this should be “+1 armor AND Courage”
See the last momentum spend in the table for comparison.