Conan errata/explanations

Has there been an explanation as to why there is no errata for this game? There seem to be a number of subsystems that are in great need of errata…

There were some inofficial errata and clarifications collected from Google+ threads, and there were some in the old Modiphius forums, and some - very few - in this new Modiphius forum.

I, too, find it very much time to get some OFFICIAL collected errata for all those well-known errors and unclear rules texts (especially for the Book of Skelos and some other source books, where the errors and inconsistencies are, sadly, numerous).

It would be nice if we can get an official statement regarding this now for several years ongoing problem of lack of any kind of official errata for Conan 2d20 (and other 2d20-based games, because it is not only Conan that suffers from this problem of non-existing errata).


I’ve been asking this question for several months now both on here and on some FB groups. Chris Birch is active on the FB group and has commented when people started questioning whether the KS would be fulfilled. His silence on this issue leads me to believe there are no plans to publish any errata or he would comment on the subject.

Thank you for raising this. We’re starting to compile errata to create an official document. If you wish to contribute, please do so on this thread.

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