Errata and official rulings

I can’t find any errata or rulings for the Conan RPG.
There are a lot of questions that people have, and I can’t seem to find any official answer to them.
I GM Star Trek and for that game you can find errata, in addition the questions are answered on the forums regularly.
I even send several questions using Help & Support, but never got any answer for the Conan RPG.
I find that very disappointing. It seems to me that the creators don’t care to answer any questions, or to acknowledge that there are several problems and clarification is needed.
In my opinion the voice and questions of players is crucial and a logical step in the further development of the game.
Are there others that share my concerns, let it know and maybe if there are enough people they will react.
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Here: Unofficial Rules FAQ, Sorcery Cheat Sheet, and big list of links! is a bunch of clarifications.