Has anyone compiled an errata list?

Hi al

Was wondering if there’s an unofficial errata list out there (or an official one - but I couldn’t find it)?

For example:

Page 43 : Finishing Touches
In the character example, Samantha picks the Courageous talent, but this was already taken in the Nature step on page 36. Courageous isn’t a Talent that has multiple ranks either (page 65).

She seems to have taken it twice for no additional gain.

I would love an official response and errata list from modiphius. It’s a great system, but the ammount of fixes and clarifications it needs is staggering.
An official errata list, and not a google docs unofficial compilation, is long overdue.
Is there any way to put pressure to get it?

With so many things going on I doubt this will happen anytime soon. The good part is that from my perspective, not really need for errata, just clarification on some critical points :smiley:

Yes, you are right. Most of the issues are just a need for clarification, which we wouldn’t need if we had actual play examples in the rulebook, like literally any other rpg.
However, I spent more time that I would like to admit trying to make sense of some contradicting rules just because small typos in the text or excessively convoluted writing. For instance, how many actions takes to cast a spell or how much momentum spent is needed to cause wounds with Enslave+Slay.

I think it’s a great setting and an ideal system for high adventure with a very poor technical write-up of the rules (the flavour text is superb, though). It would help Conan 2D20 opinions and sales if all these issues were officially resolved.

Fully agree - a formal FAQ & Errata will definitely reduce the frustration and will make the product much better to use during play. I was thinking at some point to try to re-compile something, so it is not on some google docs and spread all over the forums, but the main challenge I face (and what probably Modiphius as well) is lack of enough consecutive hours to focus on such endeavor :smiley:

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