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Anywhere to report errata?

I am reading through the new 2d20 version Player’s Guide and noticing some inconsistencies (e.g. Coordination giving bonus ranged damage in the combat example, but Insight being listed in the rule section on p35; Sprint being referred to in the Minor Move action on p28, but being called Rush on p29). Is there anywhere to get these officially recorded?

For other 2d20 RPGs it took many years until an official errata collection thread was created.

So, why not simply start here right away?

Others might join, then it could be carried over to a future errata collection later.

No problem with that, but was thinking if there was somewhere specific so it could potentially be incorporated prior to printing (like with Dishonoured), given this isn’t the final version of the Player’s Guide.

For errata before printing in Kickstarter financed products Modiphius gives the Kickstarter backers a (quite short) time to send their errata.
But as A!C is financed “traditionally” with pre-order opportunity, I don’t know how the time frame for the book to be sent to the printers is.
Maybe @Modiphius-Jim or @Modiphius-Nathan can help you with that?

Hi guys, I will be keeping an eye out here ocassionally, but we have a survey launched today where you can record feedback/typos and request rules clarifications etc. and let us know what you thought overall: Free basic character sheet is already up and in the collection too. Toodle pip!

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