Questions about possible a Errata

Is this the best place to inform about typos, wrong page references and errata stuff in general?

Really like this game and would be glad to help improve it.

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Modiphius have just rolled out a new form for reporting bugs like this.

If you can’t find an answer in the FAQ and it is a more understanding how a rule works the forums may still be best, but it is no longer the default place for Modiphius to work through.

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Any chance we will get updated PDF Bookmarks to Player and GM Guide Books? The PDFs are super handy, but the bookmarks provided are, well, not the best. Compared to the extremely awesome bookmarks in Dune, I’m really surprised that D&M has almost none at all.

Sadly, bookmark navigation is a required accessibility feature for me these days. Before I make the grand effort of opening Acrobat and manually adding them myself, I’d like to ask if anyone from the editorial staff is planning to do another quality pass and bring the D&M bookmarks up to the same level of excellence as they were in Dune? It would certainly save me a lot of time. Thanks!


And fix the errors you can find.
I’m shocked that the editors missed the entry in the weapons table for the Knife breaking across two lines with data in the wrong fields.
Or that the Security Weapons are labeled Military Weapons while the table of Military Weapons has no label.

I love the setting, and the book is great, but the errors I can only ascribe to poor editing/proofreading is somewhat saddening.

Modiphius, please release an Errata file, and update the PDF.