New updated PDFs out now

Is there an official errata document listing all the changes?

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Looks like Wormsign has also been updated.

What was changed in the Wormsign PDF?

There are issues with the new PDFs look at page 27 of the core book it is not readable the colors are not right i hope Modiphius is uses QA for these releases as well.

con someone read it?
There are other bugs as well i hope this release would be fixed pretty soon…
@Modiphius could you post a list with the changes please

Hi all,

Here’s a rundown of changes that I thought were “material” (most are typographical). My page references are to pages in the pdf (not necessarily page numbers in the book - subtract 9 to get these)

General: The date is clarified to be 10181 (not 10191 as in the previous version). This makes the Harkonnens in charge of Arrakis.

p112. Removed comment that focuses are for skill level 6+. Pistols and Rifle added as focuses.

p120. Mentat list: Calculated Prediction (Foreknowledge removed), Mind Palace (spelling corrected), Verify (newly listed).

p122. Focuses are for primary or secondary skills.

p126. Scout: talent and focus are swapped to be correct.

p128. Focus choice clarified: you should pick focuses for primary and secondary skills. However, you may pick an archetype focus regardless of your primary/secondary skills.

p136. Combat medic is reworded.

p139. Rigorous control is reworded (it now reduces the requirement for a roll).

p148. Improving assets cost 2x the new quality.

p163. Tests have complication ranges (not characters).

p165. GMs spend Threat, not Momentum.

p175. “When you move, you gain an additional benefit, but there is a risk to this.” (reads as though you must move boldly or subtly).

p191. Fortifications has an elaboration about House Shields’ properties.

p201. Asset improvement costs 2x new quality.

p265. Rigorous control effects corrected.

p266. Irulan has statements for two drives. Justice: “Justice is an ideal rarely attained”, and Truth: “History is recorded by a series of observers, none of whom is impartial”

p269. and p302. Rigorous control effects corrected.

p318. Understand has (for some reason) been changed to Faith for Janis Obregon. Should probably have been “Truth”.

p321. To understand what went wrong is an (average D1) task.

p327. The extended task to lure the worm has requirement 8.

p333. The example of a daunting roll for a favour is “Asking for a difficult favour from someone you already owe.”

p335. Potency should be replaced by Quality.

p336. Instead of a “single Quality”, NPCs can have a “single Drive”.


It would seem the Wormsign update is also a little wrong: I received a notification there is an update, and proceeded to download the .ZIP file. But it seems Modiphius included the PrintFriendly version TWICE in the zip file (same file, twice). And so there is now no updated version with nice backgrounds :slight_smile: Hopefully it gets updated again.

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Can you tell me what reader you are using?
Its working fine on mine and while we check a selection of readers we can’t do all of them.
Anyone else having this issue?

Also, the actual errata sheet is on the way, it should have gone out with the update.

i just downloaded the new Dune PDF release and it still has the same color issue im posting a new screenshot with the version of my PDF Software

i get the same problem using PDFLite 2.0 as well

I hope this would help to solve the issue

I’ve got the same problem using either Adobe Acrobat DC or Foxit PDF Reader.

I’m surprised they are a problem on Acrobat, that is one of the ones we test them on.
If you try it on a standard free download acrobat reader it should be ok.
(I also use Goodreader and its good on that one)
But I’ll see if the others are ones we have checked or if we can fix it for those.

I have the same problem using Acrobat reader. I also have the issue using Sumatra.

Hello I have the same issue using a standard free download Acrobat reader on my pc and my IPad Pro. Both updated to the latest available version.


Same thing, no matter what I try to read the file. Page 26-27 has a light gray background covering the starry galaxy background picture. I even tried to open the file directly from browsers. :slight_smile:

We have our graphics team taking a look to see what they can do.
I’ll give you an update when we find the problem and ideally we’ll just update the update.

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The graphics team just did a quick dive and we’ve found the problem.
An updated file is on the way asap.

On the lesser point, there are some entries without dates. This is intentional as we don’t have a specific canon date for that entry, or it happens in the same year as the one above. It is in order though as we know what the event happens between, just not the specific date.


I just got the notice to download the new version. I haven’t had a chance to look through the entire file yet, but it looks like those two pages are fixed.

It looks fine now

Excellent :slight_smile:

The only change since the day before is the color of page 26-27, right?

You know what would be cool? The errata printed on stickers so we can physically amend our rule books…