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Errata for career statsblocks

Hi, When we can expect pdf;s errata? 3 months ago, on google+ group was information about incorrect stats block for all career in corebook. Until now, all pdf’s still have the same mistake in text.

It’ll definately be done before next print run but priority is in getting books out for wave 2&3.

Maybe you could prepare PDF errata?
And I think some stat blocks are correct (especially those with +3 bonus) but many are incorrect. Also, careers in PDF which are copied from core book have same mistakes.

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Could you please provide a link to the specific statement about incorrect stat blocks?

I will have a character creation session next week and would like to get the values right (or at least know which careers are problematic; I know about the Hassassin, but not much else).

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basically everything
brawn was added later in dev and appended to the block, then during the editing process the stat blocks were re-alphabetized, but the values were not moved.

the alignment (starting at brawn) is off by 1.
to fix this either:
a) slide stats brawn and later to the right and place the orphaned number in brawn
b) the inverse of that with the tags

Ouch. [winces]

the alignment (starting at brawn) is off by 1.

Are you sure? Looking at the careers, the stat boni seem to be in line with (stereo)typical requirements/development opportunities.

E.g., the Field Scientist or Academic get +3 to Intelligence; your corrections would move this to Personality. Or take the Corsair career: it now has +2 in Brawn, which I think is very plausible. Your method would mean a “-”, so no bonus.

Part of statsblocks are correct, part are not. LIke technican or police. And link to info about a problem:

Thanks for providing the link, gendo!

I guess there is no way of telling which careers are affected; most look fine to me, but I can definitely see some professions where the suggested correction makes sense. I really wish Modiphius would publish an errata document.

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Are the latest versions of the .pdfs updated to fix these issues, or is it still outstanding?

(Especially with the impending demise of Google+.)

I don’t think so i redownloaded the core book recently via drivethrurpg and it’s still there.

Thanks for checking, @Chronic - that’s a bit disappointing. Hope that someone from Modiphius will fix that once they’ve got a fixed file for the reprints.

@Modiphius-SteveH - is there a current Errata document that isn’t on the dear departed Google+?

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A current errata collection would be very welcome.


@Modiphius-Nathan et al:
Are there any updates regarding this career statblock issue? Is there a list of which ones suffered the transposition issue, so that we know that the rest are correct?
(Or, even better, an update to the corebook and any other affected books.)


I would like to see at least a post regarding this problem, which has an immense impact on character creation.
Is this error only confined to the core rules? Or are other publications, the faction source books, affected as well?


@Modiphius-Nathan could you help out regarding this issue? I thought you had posted something about this years ago on Google+.


And @Modiphius-SteveH mentioned errata upthread in December 2018.
For now, I think a downloadable list of known errata and the associated corrections could be useful - we understand that getting the rest of the waves pushed out comes ahead of a second-printing workup on the corebook, but an available list of errata would be useful, and could help us get more players interested, as it’s hard to sell a game to other people when you know it’s got errors, but you’re not sure what they are.


I haven’t got an answer off the top of my head (and can’t check G+ to see what I posted, obviously). I haven’t worked directly on the Infinity line in a couple of years - my job is normally focussed on the design and development at the start of a line, rather than sourcebooks and later development - so I’m not up-to-date on the latest developments.


So, who of the Modiphius Infinity team might be able to clear things up regarding the career statblocks?


Thanks for getting back to us, @Modiphius-Nathan - this was an error that was in the corebook at the point of original release, and identified as such by Modiphius staff. Any idea who might be able to access notes from that time to recreate the errata that was lost with G+?