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Errors in the Preview PDF and Pregens PDF

Pregens PDF
In the stat block for Inann Nabaal, the Technical Operations Manager, pregen, half of the Attribute and Skill values are missing, only an empty field is to be seen.

Two Talents for Jariin Manaan, the Pilot, “Adaptable” and “Pilot Talent” seem redundant, doing the very same (allowing to use Flight instead of Engineering for ships technology).


As I’m close to run the preview scenario, could you please help with the missing stats for the Pregen PC?

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I didn’t do any design or development on Homeworld, so I’ll need to check with my colleagues on this.

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I’ll also add that the Versatile weapon quality, present for the interceptor is not described anywhere that I could find. :slight_smile:

Edit> it’s mentioned on page 28 for the small projectile weapon profile as well as on page 59 for the gaalsien craft profiles.

Page 49 > “or thorough some other creative”
I believe here that it was meant to say through.

Regarding the “Versatile 2” quality I assume this is the same as in Star Trek Adventures, but it should have been explained in a self-contained quickstart.

I have run the first of two sessions of the Homeworld quickstart/preview scenario last Monday, this evening I will run the second and final session.
As I have a full complement of five players, I needed to make all pregens playable - which means, I had to guess the stats for Inann Naball, the Technical Operations Manager, pregen, where half of the Attributes and Skills were missing.

I used the following values to fill out the missing stats for this pregen:
Brawn 07, Insight 09, Will 09
Command 03, Exploration 02, Medical 01

Maybe that helps others running this quickstart/preview scenario until a corrected version of the Pregens PDF is available.


I printed out the pre-gens sheets last night (9/17/21) and Inann Nabaal/Technical Operations Manager looks complete to me.

His missing stats are now officially:
Brawn 07, Insight 09, Will 09
Command 04, Exploration 01, and Medical 01

So, I got to say FrankF, you guessed very good! :slight_smile: