Status of Shipping / PDF-Version

Is there any update on the shipping status, or the availability of the pdf version of the Core rulebook?

Just wanna get my greedy hands on the book as soon as possible

From today’s newsletter:


We wanted to reach out and give you an update on the hotly-anticipated release of the Homeworld: Revelations roleplaying game.

While the approvals process has taken longer than expected, it’s an important part of a product’s development and production that serves to ensure that we make this the best version of the game possible. The finished core book PDF is in the final stage of approvals as we clear up some graphic issues and comments with Gearbox. You will get the final core book PDF as soon as they approve it and we would then allow a final couple of weeks before going to print to allow for proofing and any error reports submitted.

We currently anticipate that preorders should start shipping late August in Europe, or late September 2022 in North America.

Our apologies that this process has taken so long but we’re approaching the launchpad now, and should be underway very soon. Thanks for your patience, and we hope you’re looking forward to your adventures aboard the Kushan Mothership, on the Hiigaran Homeworld, or wherever this spacefaring odyssey will take you!

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