Odd size core book?

Is the core book going to be an odd size? I saw the quick start up today and noticed the pdf pages aren’t 8.5x11 and was curious if that is just for the quick start or if the actual core book is going to be a ‘digest’ size as another game company puts it. Any one know?

According to the product page:

A 300 page full-colour royal size (234x156mm) sewn hardback designed for ease of use at the table.

So, digest sized 9” x 6”. Much like the Dishonored book.

Oh, I haven’t noticed that small format and the low page count. Considering the setting background and the many ship types etc. I was expecting something more in the format, page count and content of the STA core book (or preferably as the Infinity core book).
I hope that Homeworld 2d20 does not come out as “too thin” - not only in the physical book regards, but in the content, too.


I hate the royal size books so much


I suspect this will be the case. I hope they take the extra time to flesh out the book more. It deserves it.