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Collector’s edition vs base book?

I was gonna get the collectors edition but I really love the cover art of the base book, anyone have any on-site on what the collectors edition has vs the base book? It says leather cover, but I was wondering if there are other differences like different page materials or bookmarks or what? They both look great, but I really like that cover on the base book!

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I often find, Modiphius’ RPGs have great cover art, so that I prefer the “standard” edition to the collector’s edition.

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I can totally see that, this book is damn pretty looking from the pictures!!

So the Collector’s Edition with the blue Homeworld symbol on the cover is for sure, confirmed and 100% final cover art for it?

Damn, I was gonna get the Collector’s Edition, but the regular version has some nice cover art too. Now I’m wavering…

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My thoughts exactly!! I ended up getting the regular one, I just love the look of it… the collectors edition does remind me of the original homeworld instruction manual in the box, which had the same color scheme… but I actually still have that book, so…