Future releases for HW:R

Has Modiphius given any clues about future products?

The corebook states that it primarily focuses on the time period of the first game- the Exodus from Kharak and the decades before or after it. The general implication (I think outright stated at one point but not in detail) is that there will be other books that cover these periods.

So we can probably expect a book focused on the Homeworld 2 period. I’m not sure if there’ll be one for Cataclysm, since that would be more like a campaign in the default period than a new period in and of itself.

It would be cool if, like John Carter, they had campaign books for various eras… but that may be too much to ask when they haven’t even released the core book yet.

It makes the most sense to focus on the primary time period of the first game, then go from there.

Large fleet combat rules/frameworks would be more important than the other stuff. Like, rolling for a squadron of Fighters engaged with other Fighters rather than resolving each Fighter’s combat individually? Or a squadron of Bombers against a Capital Ship. It’s not really there yet, or at least I don’t see it in what I’ve got.

Homeworld (the RPG, not the PC game)… it just ain’t a space combat game right now. I feel like I need to start reading Infinity and re-read DUNE to see what I can port over to Homeworld to make it do space combat how I’d want.

Like, Fighter Squadrons… I can see them through the lens of Warfare assets from DUNE. Quality, keywords, etc. Running individual fighter duels might work if the game isn’t involving anyone of Command rank, but once you hit Command rank, then it’s going to drag like hell.


I would love to see campaign books for Homeworld 1 and 2 (the VAGYR!). Definately want Fleet Command book focusing on ship/squadron/fleet combat.

We need more art from Homeworld 2. Those ships were perfection. And hopefully from 3, too…