What is coming down the pipeline after Sand & Dust?

I’m a newbie to this game (but a veteran rpg player/gm) as I gather all the gorgeous Dune rpg bits around me, I am wondering what’s next after romping around Sand Dunes and riding worms?

Caladan? A comprehensive GM manual? Heidi Prime?

Sorry if this has been covered else where. I just joined this forum today. If there is a previous thread, could someone post the link?

Thanks muchly


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It is a bit scattered around the place but the below is the latest we have from a seminar Modiphius did at Dragonmeet.

The release order for Dune in the new year is:

  • Agents of Dune
  • Masters of Dune (A huge galaxy spanning campaign)
  • Houses of the Landsraad
  • Imperial Court

Now Agents is the starter set we know about and Houses of the Landsraad will be the rumoured book for more detail in building and playing Houses.

Masters of Dune is new and sounds like the first of the big campaigns that Modiphius will do for Dune. Covering multiple planets and from the sounds of it having something to do with a change of fief on Arrakis.

Imperial Court will cover “Advanced Characters and High Level Politics”. So this is where we will start getting the Ginaz swordmaster level characters (With our without actual Ginaz Swordmasters) and presumably how to play House Majors and their more bruising from of politics.


Thank you so much for the info.

That sounds fantastic, it’s going to be great to see it all unfold.

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@CountThalim Thanks for the synopsis, not all heroes wear capes!. Agents of Dune and Masters of Dune sound awesome and I can’t wait to get my hands on them. I will of course buy damn near anything they put out in the Dune universe but those are the ones i am most looking forward to.

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so excited for agents and the landstard book!


Oh man this sounds super interesting and I can’t wait for the materials.

If Masters of Dune is anything like the Expanse campaign book for the Star Trek Adventurers rpg (in general but not specific structure) then I am going to love it. That book was one of the best campaign guides I have ever seen - the missions there were written up fantastically.

I can’t wait fo Houses of the Landsraad, I want that now! lol. A book about the Houses, set up, play, expansion, etc would be awesome.

Imperial Court also sounds awesome. Looking forward to that as well.

The funny truth is that I love Dune but Arakis is my least favorite part of it and so seeing these other elements, yeah, totally going to get when they become available.


Well we have something being teased by Modiphius.
Current guesses are a leather-bound copy of the corebook or a fancy box for Agents of Dune (like how they did the tricorder box set for STA)

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This is what the hint was for. A Leather bound, brass embossed limited edition copy of the core book.

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