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Any new news on the release date?

What’s the latest idea on release date?


Beyond the horizon of inner sight.

I am referring to the Dune RPG not the next time you go on a date

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Probably not as soon as you’d like, but not as late as you might think.
You’ll have it before you see the film at the very least. :slight_smile:

I’d add that I believe preorder customers will be getting the pdf as soon as we have that completely finalised, and that shouldn’t be too far away. Although hardcopy books will be a little while yet.

Sorry not to be more precise. We have a date we’re working to but there is always a lot that can go wrong and we don’t want to raise expectations just in case.

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Thanks for the info. I preordered and am looking forward to it, pdf or whatever comes about.
Thanks again

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Andy “Bilbo Baggins” Peregrine. I wonder who’s backed The One Ring 2nd edition. :wink:

If you are wondering what on middle-earth I am thinking here, I could not help but be reminded of one of my favorite Bilbo quotes:

“I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.”

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At two million dollars, I imagine we’ve all backed it! :slight_smile:

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Hi, any news on the PDF?
How many pages for the corebook? Will you publish era sourcebooks (Atreides empire, Rakis, etc. ?)

Not too far away.
The book will be 336 pages of Imperial goodness.
Era sourcebooks are a potential but we’ll initially be focusing on detailing the Imperium age and fleshing that out first. But we have broken the timeline into different eras and some books will cover more than just the Imperium so their subject is complete.

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Great !

Can you give us a chapter list/summary of the corebook ?

Will you publish sourcebooks on Arrakis, Fremen, Landsraad ?

The chapter list is basically what you’d expect:
Introduction, Setting, creating a house, creating a character, rules, combat, assets, NPCs, Gamemastering and beginning adventure.
We’re tantalisingly close to having the pdf for the preorder customers so if nothing goes wrong you’ll all have that reasonably soon (although I can’t be more precise I’m afraid).

We have plenty more books in the planning stage. I can’t reveal what they are but those three topics will certainly get covered in what we have on the way. :slight_smile:


Can’t you just give some Water of Life to an intern and have them presciently see ahead so you can tell us a firm date? It’s like you guys aren’t even trying!

We get through so many interns that way already. :slight_smile:


Also Game Devs get very nervous when people start muttering about Drowning the Little Makers… :wink:


Any famous NPC gallery and worms rules/stats in the corebook?

We have covered a lot of the main book characters in case you want to use them in your game.

I can reprint the worm stats quite easily here:
Make a Move test Difficulty 4
Succeed you can run further, make another test.
Fail, you are eaten. :slight_smile:


I am rolling, well done!

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Any news on the special edition please?

The latest email from Modiphius says that due to various delays (they even name checked the Evergreen* :laughing:) they are expecting fulfillment at the end of May.
So a little behind, but still doing better than the film.

*(The pedant in me wants to note it was the Ever Given that got stuck…)

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Yes, sadly worldwide shipping has become crazy since Suez.
But we marshalled some Fedeykin to claim a Heighliner and its all on its way!