Heirs of Dune boxed set

Hi everyone,

Just started my read through of the core rules, can someone direct me to the Heirs of Dune box set noted at the start of the rules? I don’t seem to be able to find it.


It hasn’t been released yet. There are quite a few people who are after it. :wink:

From what we can tell it is a starter set akin to the Star Trek Adventures Starter Set (So summary of the rules, a 3 piece campaign which introduces the game mechanics, probably pre-gen characters).
Everything you need to jump straight in and start playing.

Do we know when I mite be released? I can’t see it on the site at all.

No, no news about release quite yet from us. When we do have it all nailed down it’ll be on the Modiphius site.
Basically its all done, but we like to have a cover before we make announcements.
We have a few other things to come out beforehand too…

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Ooh, other shinies that we don’t know anything about…

Guessing game on what it will be?

Miniatures are unlikely and we already have character sheets, main character pregens and the GM screen.

My money is going to be on either an initial setting book (a deep dive on Arrakis possibly) or something like the mission briefings from STA.

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I can sadly neither confirm or deny at the moment.
But I can say that along with the mysterious boxed set there are two more books (one in layout, one in writing) some more accessories and some pdf adventures on the way.
We have plans up to 2023 so pace yourselves :slight_smile:


Yeah, with 16,000 years of in-universe history to play around with, you’ve got no shortage of material to mine!


Sorry to revive an old thread…
I’m very new here… Odd, considering I have a couple previous iterations of Modiphius products (Infinity, STA). Anyway, I recently purchased Dune, as well. And I ended up with the same question that started this thread.

So I thought I’d ask if there had been an update to the status of Heirs of Dune. It looks like at least one of the books mentioned here has been announced and been made available for pre-orders. Is there a time frame for this boxed set?

Welcome to the madness @TheOldDozer
There has been no precise date announced for Agents of Dune (Renamed from Heirs) other then Q1 2022.
Modiphius did release a bit more information on it however:

Agents of Dune has been reportedly designed to let you pick up the game with no preparation, handing you a bunch of player resources and GM materials to learn as you go. Inside you’ll find pre-generated player characters, reference cards for NPCs and assets (the various tools, resources, and materials you’ll acquire as you play), a 120-page beginner adventure, five d20s, and an assortment of tokens.

The included adventure will centre on Dune’s most famous planet, Arrakis, and have players take governorship of the arid waste from House Atreides (the central family of the original Dune novel). Controlling Arrakis, you’ll have to defend your house from Imperium schemers attempting to undermine your position, overthrow your house, and claim the planet’s coveted ‘spice’ for themselves.

Thanks for the update! I didn’t realize that there had been a name change. Hopefully, we’ll get some more info on an actual release date soon…

Yup, its in production but the amount of bits and pieces have meant its taken longer than we’d hoped.
We have packed quite a lot in and hopefully will have something to show you soon.

Having purchased the core book, the GM toolkit, and participated in running Wormsign, what new products will likely be in the beginner box, other than the adventures?

I’m curious as well. If it’s like the FFG Star Wars boxes that’s about it. Some basic info on the game, streamlined ruleset, an adventure with hooks to extend it, some pregen characaters and dice. Would like to know if this one would have more content.

We’ll hopefully be able to make an announcement reasonably soon. But I can say we’ve packed a lot of goodies into this box. :slight_smile:

I am assuming (always dangerous I know) that it will be along the same lines as the Star Trek Adventures Starter Set.
On top of the standard rules and Pregens this gives you a variety of tokens, maps, etc.

Something like that, but a lot more as well… :slight_smile:
We’re aiming for something more than the usual sort of starter set, which is why we’re calling it a Beginner’s Campaign Set.
When we announce it properly we’ll be revealing all the contents as we’re really pleased with how much we’ve packed in.

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@Andy—Can you give us an estimated price, or price range, for those of us who MUST have it yet need to budget for it?


I will be very interested to see how it looks.

Dune has been great so far, but the starter set may be what many people first see.
I hope you sticker the landing on this.

I can’t say any more I’m afraid, its still in final approvals.
But we will have the standard preorder options ahead of actual release so you should have plenty of time to see all the details and budget accordingly.