Will there be a Living Campaign for Dune?

Its such a deep and complex setting and with everything else I have to do there is no chance I can do adventures from scratch for Dune. The Living Campaigns are a big incentive for me to buy into a line.

Not sure about an official one, but there is the start of a community one being cooked up in the Beta test forums.

It’s a nice idea, but I don’t think we have the bandwidth. :slight_smile:

But if people want to develop that sort of thing on the community and share adventures and major events in their campaigns that would be awesome.


Is there a way, using the Modiphius forums, to set up a private group to develop something like this?

Cool idea. Do we have the latest on when this would come out now that Beta is closed?

Sorry I should have worded that better. I said Living Campaign as the Trek one was so useful but really what I meant was is there going to be adventures? I have bought the two Trek Hardcover ones and the single PDF missions as well as a couple for Infinity. I am happy to buy Dune adventures and Dishonored Adventures etc they don’t have to be free ones. I just need adventures if I am to run something and that is the deciding factor for me to buy into a line now.

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There will almost certainly be adventure books. For a product like Dune with licencing costs there will need to be multiple books to make a return and the lure of adventures in the Dune universe will be far to great to pass up.

Given the Trek & Infinity precedent the only question is where (other than Arrakis) they will be set.

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Yup, we are planning to support the line with both campaigns and short adventures.
Its the best way to get people playing, and that the most important thing :slight_smile: