Masters of Dune pre-order

Pre-orders for Masters of Dune is now out. As usual the collectors edition cover looks great.

I do feel a little gazumped however. My prediction was for it to be announced at GenCon. I was a whole week out! :flushed:

It is now confirmed that it follows on from Agents of Dune as expected.
9 chapters, most of which focus on one of the major factions of the Imperium and which can be done in any order. (1st and 9th aside I believe.)

This modular nature is good as it should allow easier use of the chapters in a game which isn’t following the main plot line. A few tweaks and you have a series of adventures to gain the support of a faction for anybgane you are running.
Which for me personally is more useful in how I run.
Though I may actually be running Agents at a church kids gaming group later this year.

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I now have my copy of the new Masters of Dune campaign. On pages 7 and 9 it refers to expanding your spice operation as described in Chapter 10. But there is no Chapter 10, nor any section in the entire volume about expanding your spice operation. Are you going to publish a downloadable supplement with the missing Chapter 10?

Also, there are no less than 15 references to “page XX” throughout the Masters of Dune volume. That also needs to be corrected.

Looks like the proof-reading stage got skipped with this product.

Thankfully the pXX section was the last part of proofing so it wasn’t missed, there was just a maddening versioning error. The pdf is being updated and we’ll be doing an errata.
The chapter 10 reference is a mistake though that we should have spotted. Chapter 10 was going to be the first part of House Management, but that will now be appearing in full in the next book. So that sentence should just be deleted.

Can you outline/estimate what the “variable cost” will be? I scaled the system from Agents down for a Minor House and my players would love to have Spending Wealth from Masters implemented.

I think it shifted around too much to apply.
But if you are using wealth, a wealth point could shift a difficulty up or down,
then they can spend as much as they can afford.
Usually in Dune we are talking large sums of cash to make a big difference.

But you can also allow the players to use architect style assets to influence dice rolls.
If one has a personal wealth asset they might use that on a roll.
They might even do some intrigue conflicts before the spice mining to gain assets like ‘customs inspector owes me’ or ‘spice smugglers’ or the like to influence the dice rolls too.

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I just bought the pdf myself. Barring the XXs, I noted one odd thing: page 112. Vassily Harkonnen’s stat block doesn’t look much like a duelist. His worst skill is battle (3), whereas his best one is understand (7). His main drive is Truth (7). Barring his equipment, talents, and traits, he looks more like a boffin than a brawler. :slight_smile: Is there some errata for him?

I’ll chat to the writer about that one as sometime the biggest bullies are not actually that good when you face them. :slight_smile:
But if you tip his Skills upside down it gives you a more duelist line up.
Battle 7
Communicate: 4
Discipline: 5
Move: 6
Understand: 3

Thanks for that, Andy. He might want his drives looking at too (I’d guess he wants a big Power drive). At the moment, he’s got a bit Truth drive (along with statement) that marks him as more intellectually curious than a bully!

Oh, and I’d also suggest giving him a focus for his Battle.

Of course, given that he looks like a typo, probably someone has his right stats in a draft somewhere…

Just a follow up on this … as I’m reading more, this same weird stat block appears for three more NPCs.

Aratan Tulan (p71)
Kole & Godwyn Alexin (p102)

In the Fremen chapter, a similar oddity occurs: Tyra (p80) and Antrin & Nulan (p84) all have the same stat blocks (I’m guessing it’s for Tyra, whereas Antrin and Nulan should be different).

I’ll have a look into them, thanks for spotting them.

hello, I recently bought the pdf version of Masters of Dune. Is it planned to have a fixed version of the PDF, correcting the erratas ? and if so, will it made avalable to previous buys ? thx

I believe that is on the list once graphics gets a minute to breath (far too many books on the way!).
If so the pdf will just be updated in the system so you can download it again from the Modiphius site from the same links, or check your drivethrurpg account for an update.

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Just got the book from my FLGS and I am very disappointed with all these stupid errors that went to print.

How can you not feel ashamed of this? It had two Proofreaders!

Instead of enjoying the book, every few pages I’m told to check page XX and receive an aggravating reminder of incompetence.

Please, Please do better in the future.

I’m sorry the mistakes have marred your enjoyment of the book.
In fact it was a versioning error rather than a proofreading one in this case so its not on them.
We are obviously upset and annoyed that it has come out this way. It is a gut punch when you get a book you have been working on for a year in your hands and you find any sort of mistake.
We upgrade our systems each time something like this happens but that sadly doesn’t fix this book.
We will at least be updating the pdfs though as mentioned above.