Masters of Dune pre-order

Pre-orders for Masters of Dune is now out. As usual the collectors edition cover looks great.

I do feel a little gazumped however. My prediction was for it to be announced at GenCon. I was a whole week out! :flushed:

It is now confirmed that it follows on from Agents of Dune as expected.
9 chapters, most of which focus on one of the major factions of the Imperium and which can be done in any order. (1st and 9th aside I believe.)

This modular nature is good as it should allow easier use of the chapters in a game which isn’t following the main plot line. A few tweaks and you have a series of adventures to gain the support of a faction for anybgane you are running.
Which for me personally is more useful in how I run.
Though I may actually be running Agents at a church kids gaming group later this year.

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