Masters of Dune pre-order

Pre-orders for Masters of Dune is now out. As usual the collectors edition cover looks great.

I do feel a little gazumped however. My prediction was for it to be announced at GenCon. I was a whole week out! :flushed:

It is now confirmed that it follows on from Agents of Dune as expected.
9 chapters, most of which focus on one of the major factions of the Imperium and which can be done in any order. (1st and 9th aside I believe.)

This modular nature is good as it should allow easier use of the chapters in a game which isn’t following the main plot line. A few tweaks and you have a series of adventures to gain the support of a faction for anybgane you are running.
Which for me personally is more useful in how I run.
Though I may actually be running Agents at a church kids gaming group later this year.

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I now have my copy of the new Masters of Dune campaign. On pages 7 and 9 it refers to expanding your spice operation as described in Chapter 10. But there is no Chapter 10, nor any section in the entire volume about expanding your spice operation. Are you going to publish a downloadable supplement with the missing Chapter 10?

Also, there are no less than 15 references to “page XX” throughout the Masters of Dune volume. That also needs to be corrected.

Looks like the proof-reading stage got skipped with this product.