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Arrakis: Source of the Spice

Modiphius has just teased this on their twitter with more information to come tomorrow.

My money is on this being the Arrakis sourcebook, which would tie in with their initial books being on-world.

I expect we will get rules for Fremen and Sietches.
More on Spice, an adventure on Arrakis possibly and the politics of spice mining.


Man, I wanted to pre-order but shipping just keeps getting more out of hand. $31 for shipping a single book to the US. I think I’ll pick up the pdf when it releases and maybe get the hardback from a domestic retailer.

More details are now out.

The Book is called Sand and Dust and unsurprisingly focusses upon Arrakis.

Key Features

  • An overview of Arrakis
  • Details on Fremen along with new archetypes, talents and rules on riding Sandworms
  • Spice Harvesting and smugglers
  • Secrets of the Spice including talents and abilities
  • Cities of Carthag & Arakeen
  • Campaign suggestions for Arrakis
  • How to create non-House parties (Fremen, Smugglers & Merchants)
  • A new adventure "The Spice Must Flow"

Also being released are Atreides & Harkonnen Dice sets

Further into the future is Agents of Dune. A starter adventure ready to play straight out the box with your House taking on Governorship of Arrakis. Comes with everything you need to play, including a pdf copy of the Core Rulebook to take the game onwards after the adventure is finished,

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Modiphius are supposed to be setting up a US shipping warehouse to get around the excessive postage costs.
Like everything else it seems to have been hit by the pandemic, but hopefully it will be up and running soon.

@CountThalim I couldn’t say, but you totally called it! :slight_smile:

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I should add that ‘Agents of Dune’ is the mysterious ‘Heirs of Dune’.
We sadly had a last minute name change.

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Yup, while I think it is still finalising it is imminent I believe.