Dune Roundtable

A Dune Roundtable which includes Andy & Rachel Wilkinson (one of the Dune writers).

It is long (2hrs) but we do get some interesting views on the ideas behind the dev decisions and a few nuggets on the future.
I’ve pulled out some of the key points below:

  • The printer Modiphius uses is in Lithuania. (No cargo ships stuck in the Suez here)
  • New adventure (Time is a narrow door) which is ‘almost out’ and deals with Prophecy. Not clear how that fits into the Dragonmeet seminar list of book releases, possibly a pdf only one? May also follow on from Agent of Dune so might be referring to Masters of Dune?
  • Agents of Dune will have stuff for starting a campaign as well getting into the game.
  • There will be new power levels for running high level characters.
  • Characters holding positions in the House.
  • Characters ruling their House all the way up to meeting with the Emperor level politics.
  • Tearing it down with Paul Atreides (Not entirely certain if they were kidding or not…)
  • Mention of a Bene Gesserit book (They want to tie in information from the Sisterhood TV series so this may be a while)
  • There will be other ways to play the game away from Agents of a House (Fremen sietches in Sand & Dust is the current one, but sounds like there may be more)
  • The estate have cleared ‘a set of books’ which Modiphius hope to then expand further on.
  • More accessories than Dice coming. Unfortunately it seems like Andy has learnt not to blurt things out so other than ‘they are really cool’ he didn’t let anything slip. :stuck_out_tongue:

((By the way Andy when are Ginaz Swordmasters coming out? :wink: ))


LOL, I’m learning to be more circumspect! :slight_smile:

Subject to approval I’m planning to bring in Ginaz Swordmasters in Imperial Court.
They are very tricky to fit in.

“I’d like my character to get trained on Ginaz.”
“Congratulations, the ruler agrees you are good enough. See your character back in the campaign in five years.”
“What, I can’t play them for five years?”
“Not entirely, we can see if they get killed on a yearly basis.”

Five years later - character returns and throws Fremen and Sarduakar across the room. :slight_smile:


That sounds like an HGTV show!

“Giedi Prime is a real fixer-upper of a planet. With only 30 days and a limited budget, can Paul and his Fedaykin demolition crew turn it into a showplace and resell it for a profit? Tune in and find out!”

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Ha, Fixer Upper Imperium Edition.

He’s an out of work spice trader. She’s a water seller with no water. Budget 5 billion solaris.

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Really looking forward to the Agents of Dune set. I already have everything I need to play and run sessions once a week. I am hopelessly addicted to box sets though and am just waiting to throw my money at a pre-order. :grinning: