Dragonmeet seminar

Did anyone on the forums attend the Modiphius seminar at Dragonmeet today and can clue those of us who weren’t able to attend on what was discussed.

I’m hoping for some more info on the plans for the 2022 slate of releases.



I second this motion. Really looking forward to what’s next on a lot of these awesome product lines.

I have had a brief report from my agent on site. (The wonderful player of the manipulative Lady Aria for those who follow my game)
Edit: It would seem communications may have been corrupted in the report I received. I have updated with the latest from Andy below.

The release order for Dune in the new year is:

  • Agents of Dune
  • Masters of Dune (A huge galaxy spanning campaign)
  • Houses of the Landsraad
  • Imperial Court

Now Agents is the starter set we know about and Houses of the Landsraad will be the rumoured book for more detail in building and playing Houses.

Masters of Dune is new and sounds like the first of the big campaigns that Modiphius will do for Dune. Covering multiple planets and from the sounds of it having something to do with a change of fief on Arrakis.

Imperial Court will cover “Advanced Characters and High Level Politics”. So this is where we will start getting the Ginaz swordmaster level characters (With our without actual Ginaz Swordmasters) and presumably how to play House Majors and their more bruising from of politics.

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Nice thanks for the rundown. I am very much looking forward to the future releases for Dune.