Dragonmeet Updates

I was at Dragonmeet in London over the weekend infiltrating behind the scenes (I have the Talent: Convention Contacts) until Danny chased me away from the Modiphius stand and warned people not to let any secrets out.

I caught Chris’ Modiphius Seminar and returned the following day with the Asset: Chocolate Brownies and my copy of the Imperial Edition (Seriously, none of the Modiphius crew have actually seen a physical copy!) so I managed to get some more information out of them. And a puzzle from Danny I am still trying to work out, much to his amusement. :rage:

Key points

  • The Great Game: House of the Landsrand currently in production, Pre-orders Jan 2023, ETA March 2023 for fulfilment.
  • CHOAM to be fleshed out as a faction with talents etc…
  • Imperial Court renamed to Emperor’s Court at Herbert Estate request. Pdf largely done (very pretty) but still going through final editing.
  • No confirmed ETA, but we should get an announcement at UK Games Expo, so expect June time or shortly after.
  • Advanced characters such as Ginaz Swordmasters, Sarduakar, etc to be revealed.
  • Faction Secrets to be laid out in the GM section.
  • Plans for additional accessories (I.e Tokens) are advanced, but what form they will take is still to be finalised. Modiphius are assessing how things like the Asset decks sell before progressing.
  • Special edition covers are under review. Not every future supplement may have multiple covers, but again no final decisions.
  • Approvals from Herbert Estate & Legendary are slower (Possibly something to do with Part 2 & The Sisterhood TV shows being more important…) but are still coming through. Certain aspects have been adopted by the Estate/Legendary for use elsewhere.