Powers and Pawns: The Emperor's Court PDF

@Andy-Modiphius wondering when the pdf only version of the Emperor’s Court is expected to drop on drivethrurpg? Thanks!

Let me second that request.

I asked Danny at UKGamesExpo and it is supposed to be up on DriveThruRPG now.
The delay was to ensure that the physical copies had reached the stores first.

As it is still isn’t up he is going to check with the office next week once the Expo is over (And he has no doubt had a chance to recover) and make sure it is up there.

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Thank you, that is great news.

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Thanks so much!

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@SiridarBaronBrugge @DarlLoh

Danny has come through and the pdf is up on both DriveThruRPG & the Modiphius site.

Dune: Power And Pawns: The Emperors Court (PDF) - Modiphius | Dune - Adventures in the Imperium | DriveThruRPG.com

Dune: Power And Pawns: The Emperors Court (PDF) (modiphius.net)

Have print pre-orders started to ship, then, if physical copies are reaching the stores?


I assume as much if the pdfs are on sale now.
Though given the issues with the North American gaming distribution channels the product may still be working through the system before it reaches us.

Modiphius is usually pretty good at making sure preorder customers are the first in the list.

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Yup, all released on drivethru and thanks everyone for making it number one! :slight_smile: