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Physical copies are being sighted in the (desert) wild!

Some people have already been receiving their physical copies of Dune: Adventures in the Imperium products.

Share them here. :wink:


Mine just landed. The PDF is nice, but nothing beats the feel of a fresh book and looking at the artwork on the paper.


Really nice. Are you keeping it wrapped? :wink:

Heh, the Atreides one is already opened and the base version will be as well.
Harkonnen and Corrino may survive until the first session when we hit character creation and I start handing out copies to everyone.

Ah, your desk looks better than mine now! :slight_smile:


I don’t have secret copies of Heirs of Dune open on my desk though… :wink:


and thats not the only secret… :slight_smile:


I am having a problem: I have contacted sales to change my shipping address and nobody has responded to me in any capacity. Due to the nature of my work, I have changed address three times since the preorder, and now when they ship it might be lost in the post, as often happens with the US PS. Please advise me on what to do or whom to contact.

Customer service is still your best bet.

Any general updates on preorders being shipped? Thanks for any info you can provide.

Its still ongoing.
We have had to wait for some more of the Arrakis Melange dice to get to the right place so there has been a small pause on orders including those (about a week or so).
But if your order doesn’t have that its still being processed as fast as we can.

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My order does include those dice, so thank you for the update Andy.

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My copy was delivered today :slight_smile:


I received my order.
And now I’m being made fun of by my friends for owning 4 versions of the core book.
The way I see it: they are just jealous.


The collector editions look great, I’d see myself owning all three of them too!
These friends of yours will probably try to keep a book or two for themselves once you start playing :wink:

I just got my copy yesterday (in Ohio)!

Andy copies Seen in Germany or Continental Europe yet? Still waiting …

I have heard of people in Germany, Portugal and Poland receiving their copies over the past couple of weeks.

I am still waiting on a shipping notice. :frowning:

Yeah. Still waiting for a shipping notice here, too. According to Customer Service, there was an issue with the Melange dice, and they were waiting on a shipment of them to arrive this week. I’m hoping they resume shipping soon.