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Preorder Goes Live Today!

Keep an eye on the website, the preorders will be live from 5:00pm UK time.
There will be some great bundle deals, but you can mix and match as well.

We’ll also be the only place you can get all 3 Collector’s editions together,
but only if you are among the first 200 to grab that bundle


Will it just change the Dune page to show the products when it goes live? (furiously refreshing as time gets closer)

Bought! :smiley:

Not sure the page was live but got it anyway.

I really wanted to do the complete set… but $340 is a bit steep for 4 versions of the same book. My miserliness resulted in the Atreides gamemaster bundle instead. Still very happy though!


You’re refresh should have got you to the right page now as its replacing the same url as the main dune page. Shout if it is not so! :slight_smile:


In the email announcing the pre-orders it states in the description that the Corino edition is black. The images shows it as purple.
Which is it?

-I hope it is purple.

Yay, we can talk about the Desertfall beta test now that it has been released as part of the Pre-order.

It looks a lot prettier than the docs we initially got. Going to see what changes they made based on our feedback.


Thats odd. The standard edition is the black one. Corrino should absolutely be purple.

Yup, if the Previews are all going out properly you can discuss it (and the beta by association as they are the same-ish)
You’ll also notice Desertfall has expanded a little to give you a little more to the adventure.

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Do we know if there is any difference in the collector’s edition books besides the covers?

This store shows the core, the Atreides collector’s edition of the core, and then in the all-in bundle, there are additionally Harkonnen and Corrino core rulebooks.

There isn’t much there to indicate if these are anything other than different covers/versions of the same core rulebook. I’d really like some clarification before pre-ordering.

I can confirm the insides are the same for all editions of the corebook.

We did the limited ones as they just look amazing and the big bundle as people like to collect. But any version will give you all the Dune you need.


Oh I’m sure there’s a little more Dune you can squeeze out for us…:wink:

Oh, I said all the Dune you need,
Not all the Dune you want… :slight_smile: