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The Sleeper Has Awakened!

It is out, the Dune RPG pdf has landed!

Unfortunately I am work so can’t just ignore everything to go through it but tonight…

Just from a skim through it looks gorgeous and the artwork is excellent. Plus House Creation rules.

More to come tonight. :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:


I just have brief look at it and is amazing! Can’t wait to have it in print! I am excited like Fremen before his first ride :wink:


Modiphius has just posted on Facebook that they are expecting retail copies to go out late May with the Pre-orders having gone out a couple of weeks before that.
So only about 6 weeks before we get our hands on the actual books. And that GM screen…

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It looks like the download now contains the core rulebook and the character sheets, but the “beta rules” and the Desertfall scenario are now REPLACED by the core rulebook. While I have the beta rules and the adventure saved and backed up, I wonder why it was removed? It is a perfectly fine scenario :smiley:

Essentially its no longer necessary, you now have the full rules.
It was also offered as a bonus for preorder customers.
The pdf release marks the end of the preorders and so further orders aren’t eligible for that bonus.

However, as you say, Desertfall was a perfectly find adventure! :slight_smile:
So it will be returning as a sale pdf later on so non-preorder customers can have the opportunity to get hold of it (without blowing the bonus for the preorder custoemers as they got it for free some time ago)

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p 308: “…if you have the Heirs of Dune you might play this adventure after completing the Starter Set…”

What’s Heirs of Dune and what’s the Starter Set?


Whistles innocently… I know nothing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But Andy has mentioned that there are pre-written adventures planned and a few games like STA have a quick start packs which take you through the system with pre-generated characters and an adventure that introduces the rules as it goes along.

Ok, so nothing that’s been announced? I’m happy with the product, but it’s still a little irritating that the only published adventure starts with “you can play this after another, unpublished adventure”.

I would have liked to get a game started asap, but now I feel like I might be better off if I wait for the Starter Set, so that I have more published material to run.

I don’t mean to whine (just a little :wink: ), I’m really happy to see the game.

Believe me Andy is probably fed up of my constant demands for more Shiniees

I came here to post about this Heirs starter set! So now we again play the waiting game ><

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Well, you have a whole new adventure in the Corebook to dive into if you’ve done Desertfall.
There will be a Quickstart with another adventure ‘Wormsign’ coming soon.
Heirs will be a big boxed set currently in development - more on that later too - and my thanks to the playtesters once more :slight_smile:
and we have some pdf adventures planned to keep you going too.

Otherwise you’ve got 336 pages of book full of adventure seeds (just look at the npc section) so give us a moment to sit down while you get through that lot! :slight_smile:


I should add Harvesters has been designed to fit anywhere. You can play it after Desertfall, make it a starting adventure, or play it after Heirs, or anytime in between.
So you can dive in anywhere, we’ve been very aware people might not run things in a specific order and have made sure they work in any order.


I was wondering too …