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Pre-order pdf through stores?

The pre-orders for this, which go live in the next couple of weeks, should include an early access pdf. How will that work if I order through a bricks and mortar store? The announcement says it’s possible, but not how

Quick question: does the pre-order PDF include any actual module/adventure content? Also, will there be a standalone adventure to take characters thru multiple levels? Thanks!


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A very good question, as there is often support with adventures and campaigns lacking. Conan needs more adventures and campaigns, some might come up with the following waves. And Dishonored has nothing beyond the introductory scenario in the core book regarding adventures to show.

I am a GM who often uses pre-made adventures due to having only little time to prepare my games and often not having that great ideas for own adventures in the first place. So I rely on pre-made adventures and campaigns.

For Dune I would really like some extended campaigns like for Mutant Chronicles where there are four long-running campaigns that present the setting very well.

The simple answer is ‘yes’ :slight_smile:
The preorder pdf will give you a lot to get started with and we have some other adventure support pending for the early days too.
More detail as we announce it.

I hear you on this one, as having some ready made adventures to get you started is often critical to people getting the hang of the game before creating their own.


Thanks, Andy. I mirror FrankF’s comments above. As a busy GM, I rely on having material that I can quickly consume and work with. I remember years ago, talking to Bill Slavicsek at GenCon about why Wizards wasn’t putting out D20 Modern modules (‘only DM’s buy modules, so we’re focusing on books everybody can buy’), but I think that is short sighted.

With a property like Dune, I think a model similar to the D20 Wheel of Time campaign modules, that put your characters in the background of all the major events of the books was a really great approach. We played that game weekly for a year before we got all the way thru it. I could imagine one campaign module each to cover each of the first 3 books in the series. After that, things get real weird… :rofl:

Anyway, looking forward to the livestream tomorrow!

Yup, I very much agree.
It is true only GMs buy adventures, but thats a good reason to offer player material or useful reusable source material in them too.
I remember the French 7th Circle (Septieme Cercle) team saying their monster book for Qin was designed as a GM book but players bought it for the 3 pages on playing a Hengeyokai character.

I’ve also noticed that published adventures get people playing the game, so I consider it essential to have one in the rulebook (so, yes there is one in ours, and no it isn’t Desertfall…) :slight_smile:
As a GM, even with a lot of experience I always like to see how the team behind a game envisage running it. A published adventure also makes it easy to get started.
I’ve noted with my own group we are all massive Dresden fans but never got round to trying the RPG because it doesn’t have an intro adventure we can all dive into easily.
Once over that hump most people start writing their own stuff, but its that first adventure that gets everything going.

As you’ll see with Star Trek, Modiphius is no stranger to adventure support though! :slight_smile:


This is very important. Often the core rules alone leave the GM without any idea what to do with them. Seeing a ready-to-run example helps immensely to get a feeling for the rules and the setting and often is the necessary starting point of a gaming group for their own campaigns.

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When I was younger I had more time to craft my own adventures- prep - etc

Now pre-written quality content has to be my go to as a GM

Because of the Intrigue and Espionage conflict rules, I feel pre-made adventures that feature them heavily would be particularly helpful to see how the Devs envisage them to run.

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My melange-enhanced senses tell me that someone has small Fremen in their sietch.


Nope! I’m just married and work full time. My wife and I have a lot of common hobbies add that to my love of reading and time is destroyed :grinning:

Do we know the date of the pre-order yet?

Not yet, but very soon.
Apologies for being more cryptic than a BG prophesy :slight_smile:

The Pre-order releases on Thursday 5pm GMT. (9am PST, 12 Noon EST)

Currently confirmed is the standard book, Atreides collectors edition, GM bundle, dice (melange blue and maybe a desert yellow, not clear if that is only the complete bundle), GM screen and journal.

There is also 200 of the complete bundle which has everything including all 3 collectors editions.

For the collectors editions Modiphius is selling the Atreides direct, the Corrino through your FLGS and the Hatokonnen through Amazon (wonder if there is a subtle dig at who the evil one is here).

So my only question now is what are the prices. Especially for the Complete set… With 4 books it feels like it will be expensive. :scream:


Dear me, we answer the question about when its coming out and you’re already asking more questions like ‘how much’ :slight_smile:

Its a fair question though, and one that will be answered on Thursday.
But I can tell you to expect a cost much like other Modiphius books and the bundle deals will offer some serious discounts.


And as soon as you answer that one we will start to ask when will we get the shinies? :sweat_smile:

You have awoken the sleeper…

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Always good to face a great sandoworm of enthusiastic customers rather than a small desert mouse of one too :slight_smile:

It will be a little while, but at the same time its worth getting in quickly.
Once you have the pdfs its a sign it is all off to print, but that takes a couple of months.
So while it won’t be long before you see a digital version, it is a little while before you’ll get it in your hands. But we will have a couple more things to keep you occupied while you wait so you can get gaming on Arrakis as soon as possible.

Will we get a PDF preview after pre-ordering this thursday? :slight_smile:

Is there a pdf-only option?

Paper is so Old Earth. I’d like to load my electronic version next to my Orange Catholic Bible.

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Not quite yet, but quite soon.
In the meantime we hope to have something ready to keep you going beforehand.