Releasing Desertfall

I know that Desertfall was a pre-order bonus, but would Modiphius consider releasing it for all to tie into the release of the film in the English speaking world next month?

Looking around online one of the requests has been for more scenarios, which are coming but things are fairly sparse at the moment.

As a pre-order backer I have no issues with it being out there, I’ve had access to it for several months before most people and anything that encourages people to play the game is good in my eyes

What do other people think? Should this be a bonus for putting our faith in Modiphius and pre-ordering or should it be free to help boost interest in the earlier period?

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Desertfall is a good introduction into the system and the setting, and it is a good start for the two following scenarios in the core book and the quickstart. Together they make a short campaign-like introduction that I really recommend playing through - even if you create your houses and set your campaign later on quite differently.

Desertfall should be made into a product that could be acquired openly, not only for the pre-order folks.


We are looking at doing just that. :slight_smile:
It just needed some reformatting as it’ll be the first of our pdf adventures and is nearly sorted.