Dune at ModCon 2020

We have a couple of online events going on at ModCon that starts this weekend.

Both are on Saturday the 5th.

At 8pm GMT Jason Durall will be running a demo game of Dune for Cody Lewis, Kelly McLaughlin, Monty Martin

Then at 10pm GMT Jason joins me and Chris Birch to talk about the making of the game and what you can expect, with our host Guy Sclanders

Tune in and join the chat! If you didn’t get to play the Beta, this is your chance to see the system in action.


Will they be running the beta scenario or a new one?

Looks like the beta-test scenario.

Yup, Desertfall is the one being run at the moment.
We have more stuff in the pipeline but we can only put out publicly things that have been approved.

Might not be able to catch the game in real-time but will definitely view later.

So does that mean we will be able to talk about Desertfall once it has been revealed at ModCon or would you prefer us to wait until the pre-order next week?

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I’ll check, but ideally hold on for the preorder release.
The current games are only being seen by those who do them at the moment so its still sort of a closed beta level.


Will the conversations/game be recorded for later streaming? I work weekends, but want to hear what it’s about for myself.

Will this be in the Twitch link?

I’m not entirely sure, but I’ll ask someone who knows. :slight_smile:

I’m told that we’ll be probably adding them to our youtube channel, but not immediately and not guaranteed. So watching live is best if you can.

Will the demo game be on Twitch?

The Modcon schedule has it on at 8pm GMT on the Modiphius twitch channel.

Watching live now, Jason Durall is doing a great job of GMing. Very Dune knowledgeable and giving the play through great details!


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As someone who has never played 2D20 I really wanted to understand the systems more and I don’t feel I learned much from that or the panel afterwards.

Still looking forward to this but I still feel in the dark :confused:

The general gist is attribute + skill, roll under on 2d20 (+ meta currency) to generate one or more successes.

Each game line has a different implementation of the above. From what I could tell of the 20 or so minutes I caught of the stream is that Dune is on the light-to-mid crunch of the existing 2d20 implementations.

That’s a fair point. We didn’t cover base system as there are already a lot of experienced 2D20 players out there. But its only fair of me to give you the basic idea as its pretty straight forward.

When you want to do something, you decide on a combination or two attributes from your character. This is usually a skill and something else depending on the system. In Conan it might be fighting and Strength, but in Star Trek it might be Security and Daring. In Dune we have a skill and a Drive.

Adding up these two attributes gives you the target number, usually something between 8-15 depending on the game.

Now, you get 2D20 to roll. If any dice rolls equal to or under the target number it is a success. If you roll a 1 it counts as two successes (a critical).
If you have a ‘Focus’ a specialty on a skill that applies, you get a critical if you roll under your skill on any dice.

So, lets take Star Trek. Your character is shooting a Klingon, and its a Security and Daring test. Your attribute ratings are Security (3) and Daring (8) so the target number is 11. You roll the 2D20 and get 2 and 12 for one success.
Now lets say you have a focus in phaser you can apply, so a roll of 3 or under is a critical, so you’d actually have got 2 successes for this test.

To achieve a success you need to equal the difficulty of the test, rated from 0-5. Now, as you can only get 4 successes with a very lucky roll on 2D20, this is where Momentum comes in. For every success you get past the required difficulty, you can add a point of momentum to your group pool. Momentum can be spent (in escalating cost) to buy more dice for your pool (among other things) up to a maximum of 5 dice.

This is where difficulty 0 rolls are so good as they let you scout out a scene and gather a little momentum, representing how doing your homework has granted you an edge in what you are trying to do. Momentum is spent a lot in 2D20 as buying more dice often yields more successes to replenish the pool. So its not a resource to be saved too carefully but spent with more enthusiasm.

There are a few more tweaks, and we’ll go into how Dune does it once the preorder is out, but that should give you the basic idea.

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Actually, more helpfully, you can take a look at one of the ModCon panels on Twitch that has three 2D20 experts (Sam, Virginia and Lloyd) talking about how to run the system and how it works.

ModCON 2020 - How to GM 2D20, with Mháire Stritter, Sam Webb, Virginia Page and Lloyd Gyan

[https://www.twitch.tv/videos/826799120](https://How to GM 2D20)

Although as the link is being difficult, you can find the video on the Modiphius Twitch stream here:
[https://www.twitch.tv/modiphius](https://Modiphius Twitch stream)


-They talked about at least two years of Dune books.
-Corebook and first years of release will describe the first book era.
-Preorder at the end of this week.
-Special dice sets, and other goodies as well.