There is a DUNE room in Roll20CON 😮

Hello and Thanks Modiphius for this game, DUNE: Adventures In The Imperium.

My campaign group is hosting almost a DuneCON in the middle of this year’s Roll20CON (the online gaming convention, that supports charity).

There are seats open for this Friday, Saturday, Sunday, playing a one-shot with pregens for the published adventure “Harvesters Of Dune” Act One.

The one-shot DUNE offerings are listed here:

If you get a Seat in the one-shot, then you also are invited to The Atreides Ball on Friday night, and a Parade this Saturday (IN CHARACTER, online with streaming) led by Grand Marshall Duncan Idaho. There will be around 15-20 Dune PC’s in attendance, and you can RP or lurk and listen/watch. We have 5 Co-GM’s, and numerous NPC’s including Duke Leto II and the Lady Jessica going to the Ball. There will also be House Council meetings of the PC Houses in the campaign; a Q&A to ask the Co-GM’s; the Dune Movie Talk; and a freeform discussion session. You’ll be joining a Dune gamer community on Roll20, Discord, and StartPlaying Games sites for this.

Licensed access to Dune character creation rules, full benefits of GM Toolkit, all the Archetypes in the game, Playable Factions including Bene Gesserit PC, Spacing Guild Agents, and lots of Fremen, all included in my Roll20 PRO tabletop offerings for those Players who get in.

Contact me directly with Questions or if the links expired. Try the Roll20 link first.

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Friday One-Shot
live-stream link Harvesters on Twitch TV we had a great gosh Dune time


YouTube actual-play Dune Adventures in the Imperium on Roll20. Contact me if you want IN on this.

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going live today with Wormsign adventure…

5 Players from 4 countries on 3 Continents, together through Communinet:

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