Convention Support and Appearances

Now it looks like the conventions are back with us again, I thought a thread was in order

So, post here if you are running a game of Dune at a convention (and where and when the con is).
We’ll also post the ones Modiphius is attending where you can catch up with the team.

To start the ball rolling, we’re really happy to have Dragonmeet back again in London UK on Saturday 4th December. I’ll be on the stand with the team to chat Dune and all our other stuff there.


Just missed by a few weeks. I ran 3 games of DUNE at Roll20CON this year.

I’m potentially open and ready to run it again, any online gaming convention that fits DUNE RPG.


I will be running a Dune session at KublaCon on Saturday, May 28. KublaCon is the San Francisco Bay Area’s premiere game convention.


The whole team will be at Games Expo in Birmingham this week.
We’ll have demos games of Dune at the stand and you can take a look at Agents of Dune which will be getting a release there.
There will also be all the usual Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Star Trek and Conan etc. goodness that you expect as well. :slight_smile:

UK Games Expo

We’ll not be at Origins sadly but we will all be at Gen Con.

I ran two sessions with Lurking Fears at Origins and I’ll be running another two with them at Gen Con.


Excellent. Don’t forget to mention them on the discord and if you give us the details (when and where) at the stand we can point people towards your games as well.

What’s the server I’m looking for? And thanks!

It is the Modiphius Official discord server you want.