News from UK Games Expo

Dune RPG secrets from UKGamesExpo…

Well, what little I am allowed to talk about. Andy & Danny swore me to secrecy on most of them I’m afraid. :sweat_smile:

  • Modiphius has multi-year plans for support of Dune.
  • Co-operation with the Herbert Estate has been good.
  • They liked the Imperial Edition so much both they & Dennis Villeneuve wanted a copy for themselves.
  • Houses of the Landsraad lives up to its name. Artwork is astounding.
  • Masters of Dune is massive and can be non-linear!
  • Books will move onto new Era’s in the future.
  • I am really excited for some of the writers on Imperial Court.
  • There are plans for more accessories, but nothing is set in stone yet. (except cinnamon dusting is a no go)
  • Andy will be at Gencon & Dragonmeet, running games. (I still need someone to press him for more info at Gencon if anyone is going)
  • Danny let slip the clue ‘T’ (Not Tleilaxu, I checked). We can get more letters at future conventions…

That’s all for now. The remaining secrets in my book are sealed unless I can find external corroboration on them. But now I know what to look for… :smiling_imp:


T? Thinking Machines? Titans?
Probably unlikely to refer any character with T in their name, like Esmar Tuek or Miles Teg. There’s House Thorvald but this guess isn’t even worth the time i’m spending typing this :smiley: Locations with T, like Tuek’s Sietch, seem unlikely, though Tupile might be a special case.

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I had considered Tupile as we know they are planning books on factions like the BG so having one on the Spacing Guild is a solid possibility.

Titans or Teg I haven;t even thought of but both are good candidates.

Ok, so not from Expo but an update from Gencon.

Not much new regarding Dune products as the preorder for Masters of Dune was released was snuck out just beforehand. Esrimated shipping date late October/Early December.

Modiphius did win a golden Ennie for Best Writing on Dune: Adventures in the Imperium. So congratulations all round there.

My various agents did acquire the second letter of the clue however: ‘A’
(Danny and I are definitely in Architect mode as we are both several thousand miles away)

So we have T & A. (I should probably rephrase that… :flushed:)
My current thoughts are Sietch TAbr.
The next phase will move eras and Sietch Tabr is a key element in Messiah & Children. An adventure based around the sietch is very possible.

Ah but are T and A sequential?
Titans, Thinking Machines… Just sayin’.
Kinda figure Messiah/Children era doesn’t quite seem entirely like era of its own. Though the rulebook does have The Ascension of Muad’Dib as an era of play.

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Very true. It could open up a lot more options.

The reason I was thinking of Messiah & Children is that they are better known than BH/KJA eras and most of the House rules in the core book are still valid.

Oh for sure, continuing from Dune is most logical and easiest. But Sietch Tabr is also involved in Imperium era, being a major Fremen sietch, so as hints go that seems a bit of a stretch.

What about Mentats? T and A there. Unless the clue is specifically about a new era.

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Danny isn’t so kind to give us more than cryptic letters. :laughing:

I am expecting faction books, though I had thought we would see the Spacing Guild before mentats. Anything is possible.

The next clue will be in December at Dragonmeet, in London. I’m hoping to get there and with 3 letters we will be able to eliminate a lot of options.

Mentats really aren’t a faction, though - they (like the Suks) are more like a character class. My memory may be faulty but I don’t recall any Mentat in the books having any particular loyalty or obligation to the Mentat School, or the school having any special agenda or goals.

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True. Mentats are trained and bought, but they are not influential school like the Bene Gesserit.

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not all are mentats trained at the schools, either. Both Paul and many Duncan-gholas are trained as mentats without the school. The implication being that Waff isn’t hiring powindah mentats, but instead the Tleilaxu have/make their own.

The Duncan Gholas were from Tleilaxu though, and the used to train mentats so they are kind of a school. Off-hand Leto II banned mentats though.

Yup, thats another one we can blame the Lynch movie for, declaring that the tleilaxu train all the mentats.
They train their own particular twisted ones, certainly, but not mentats as a whole.
There is potential for several different schools, which could potentially have new twists of training.
We refer to mentats as faction characters in the game mainly as they are ‘characters with special abilities’ but while they might have a loyalty to their training school, unlike the Guild or Bene Gesserit, it wouldn’t override their loyalty to their House.


It was mostly that the Mentats and Suks are listed as Faction Characters that gave me the idea that they may get books which had a focus on them. Though not the main focus of the book itself.

In the same way I see Sand and Dust as being the ‘Fremen’ book I could see Houses of the Landsraad, dor example, having more details on Mentat or Suk characters.
It is a way to boost the options available to those characters.

I’m not expecting a pure ‘Mentat’ book, just for them to get a highlight in a book that is relevant.

I’m (probably) not giving too much away by saying we’re shying away from the ‘splatbook’ approach. Popular though they are, they are only really useful for very specific characters and we want the books to appeal to a wide audience each time.
But, each faction will get a bit more love as we go along (as well as some new ones!).

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Ah, i can’t recall Lynch film being the reason but Dune notes Tleilaxu as a training center for mentats.

EDIT Bizarrely, doing search through Dune ebook, it looks like Tleilaxu are mentioned only in the glossary. Herbert was probably laying ground work for the future. Granted Tleilaxu were specifically a “renegade training center”.

Ah, its in the ‘secret report from within the Guild’ preamble.
“Planet Tleilax training ground of the Mentats. You shall know a mentat by their red stained lips.” No mention of face dancers, criminal. :slight_smile: