News from UK Games Expo

Dune RPG secrets from UKGamesExpo…

Well, what little I am allowed to talk about. Andy & Danny swore me to secrecy on most of them I’m afraid. :sweat_smile:

  • Modiphius has multi-year plans for support of Dune.
  • Co-operation with the Herbert Estate has been good.
  • They liked the Imperial Edition so much both they & Dennis Villeneuve wanted a copy for themselves.
  • Houses of the Landsraad lives up to its name. Artwork is astounding.
  • Masters of Dune is massive and can be non-linear!
  • Books will move onto new Era’s in the future.
  • I am really excited for some of the writers on Imperial Court.
  • There are plans for more accessories, but nothing is set in stone yet. (except cinnamon dusting is a no go)
  • Andy will be at Gencon & Dragonmeet, running games. (I still need someone to press him for more info at Gencon if anyone is going)
  • Danny let slip the clue ‘T’ (Not Tleilaxu, I checked). We can get more letters at future conventions…

That’s all for now. The remaining secrets in my book are sealed unless I can find external corroboration on them. But now I know what to look for… :smiling_imp:


T? Thinking Machines? Titans?
Probably unlikely to refer any character with T in their name, like Esmar Tuek or Miles Teg. There’s House Thorvald but this guess isn’t even worth the time i’m spending typing this :smiley: Locations with T, like Tuek’s Sietch, seem unlikely, though Tupile might be a special case.

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I had considered Tupile as we know they are planning books on factions like the BG so having one on the Spacing Guild is a solid possibility.

Titans or Teg I haven;t even thought of but both are good candidates.