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I stayed up late to watch Modcon and, most importantly, take notes on the Dune section. Right at the end. Past Midnight UK time… I’m not a youngster anymore, this morning is a struggle! :crazy_face: :sleeping:
Link to the full Twitch VoD is at the bottom. Dune starts at the 5:04 point, but there is also Fallout (Wargame not RPG), Elder Scrolls & Star Trek. An edited version will appear on YouTube without all the gaps and Steve losing his microphone.

So what did we learn?
Primarily Modiphius talked about Houses of the Landsraad. We got the run down on 18 different Houses. All Houses have been either cleared or informed by the Herbert Estate so it is possibly they may appear in future books or other games. Not entirely clear if they were all House Majors, but Danny did say that there would be House Minors in the book as well.
Each House will have details on:

  • Domains
  • Homeworld
  • Notable Members
  • Any Minor Houses
  • Politics/Rivalries

No word on any maps though so the best we will probably see is maybe an artists impression of the planet.

There was a vote as to if we should get a sneak peak of Harkonnen or Atreides. We tied the vote (Danny may have been trolling right at the end) so Steve called Harkonnen (I have my suspicions of dubious transfers of spice in unmarked envelopes).
Harkonnen Excerpt (
Atreides may be being released soon on a Dune significant upcoming date.

There will be expanded House Creation rules. Exactly what these cover wasn’t gone into but there will be more options for building your House and its members.
For running the House there was a teased Reputation mechanic and ‘More than just Houses’. Possibly an expansion on the Seitch rules from Sand & Dust.

The surprise reveal for me is that there will be a chapter on the Guild. Both for how it works and also more options for player characters. Talents, traits, etc…

Physical release is at the start of 2023, might see the pre-order right at the end of this year, but timetables are flexible as always.

ModCon 2022 - Fallout and The Elder Scrolls miniatures, plus Star Trek and Dune RPGs! - !schedule !freestuff !discount - Twitch

Final Quotes:

Danny: “We are opening up the Sandbox to the Imperium”
Andy: “There is always a Bigger Fish”


I don’t think Danny would mind me confirming those are all Major Houses (except Richese who are technically fallen to minor status).
As they all follow the same format the Harkonen teaser tells you what sections will be included for each.
(and shows the cool House mottos we were allowed to add)

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As the twitch stream appears to be down now, the youtube link is below.