Roll20 and other Virtual Tables

(Apologies for my English) Does anyone have plans (or perhaps Modiphius itself) to release any templates to use in roll20 or other virtual tables ( Fantasy Grounds etc.)?

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I asked on the Roll20 forums for someone to create a character sheet. Will update here if anyone does.

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I found this over at Nerd Eye Industries forums - it’s the developer for the Conan 2d20 rule set for Fantasy Grounds.

Nerd Eye Forums (


Someone on the Modiphius discord has posted a roll20 character sheet! :slight_smile: the invite to the server is in another thread on this forum.


I think your talking about me but I’m not sure.

The sheet I shared is just my hack (and somehat updated according to the final version of the rules) of the original Roll20 sheet that @Hexrunner shared in the Dune Beta forum. If the original creator doesn’t mind I’ll share my version here. :wink:


These fanmade Role sheets were done by Shroomander:

Character Sheet

House Sheet

Table Sheet

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Thank you for the links

also if anybody plays Adventurs in the Imperium or knows who is playing and recording the session, please share twitch/youtube/etc links. would be cool to collect that so that new players can learn the game easier

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Here is link to my actual game recordings. Sadly is in my natilve language- Polish.

We are releasing our episodes every Monday at 6 P.M Greenwich time


Session 0 of Dune: House Gildrun starts tonight at 7PM Central.

Dune RPG all this weekend on Roll20, Discord, Twitch, YouTube.

We’re the Dune Room in Roll20CON 2021!




If you see this message later after the CON (Nov 12-13-14), you can still message me and ask if there’s an opening for another Player or Co-GM so you could become a part of this Dune campaign still later.

Dune is available for Let’s role in english.
I cannot put the link but it’s on “lets-role . com system dune-aventures-dans-limperium-12641”

I use Tabletop Simulator for my group.
Works really nice. If someone would be interested in a pre-done table, hit me up (it took me two days to set it up :D)

This is fantastic. I am in the prep stage of a campaign and unless something else pops up in the meantime I will certainly try and use these!

There is now a Fantasy Grounds pack for Dune if people use that platform.

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This is interesting, I’d love to see it