Roll20 and new dune books

@Andy-Modiphius any chance any more of the Dune products will be integrated into Roll20? I have the core book and just reading Houses of the Landsraad and it would be awesome have that stuff in there as that is where I play my games nowadays.

I don’t think we’re against the idea but I’m not sure of the current plans.
Roll 20 does most of the work so really its about them having time with all the stuff coming out across the RPG field.
So if you’d like more Roll 20 (and other) virtual tabletop products, get your favourite platform to get in touch with us as well. :slight_smile:

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Out of curiosity which platforms are the ones that people generally use to game on?

My group used a couple of different ones over lockdown, but none of them really clicked with us.

I’ve only used roll20. All VTTs have their good, bad and ugly. I was a kickstarter on roll20, so have been using it more than a decade and I have a lot of stuff built up on it, which makes it more useful to me than someone just starting out.

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Roll20 for many years, few months ago switched to Foundry VTT: pay the license one time and that’s it. Lot of plugins to adapt it to your style and has no storage problems, since it runs on your pc (or server)
Of course it has support for Dune Adventure in the Imperium, not official but approved by Modiphius.

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