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Dune for Fantasy Grounds?

Is there a module in the works for Fantasy Grounds, like the Conan 2d20 one? As Roll20’s version has been made available a while back I’d like to ask the status or intent for FG, please?

We don’t have one yet. But there seems to be a call for it.
However it may involve more work on our end than we have time for.
(Roll 20 takes our books and does it all themselves making it much easier!)
I’ll pass a note to out virtual manager though.

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For FoundryVTT you could do as Cubicle 7 did with WFRP, PEG did with Savage Worlds, and Free League did with Aliens, Forbidden lands, Symbaroum etc - and come to an agreement with the “unofficial” developer of the system, and make the arrangement official.

All of those games have excellent systems in FoundryVTT simply because the “author” of those systems was doing it because they loved the game long before they were doing it as “product”.


That will depend on what we are allowed to do with the license regarding third parties, but worth looking into.


So, the folks over at Nerd Eye Industries say it is in the works and is almost complete? So, I’m not understanding what’s the actual status here. Would also like to know the status of Star Trek: Adventures for Fantasy Grounds, as that’s been in development for over a year, and according to Nerd Eye, is functionally complete. They have even posted videos of it being used.


Even if the licensing allows for VTT, I wouldn’t count on Nerd Eye much. The whole fiasco with Conan 2d20 ruleset will only repeat.

At the moment I am contemplating if I should make my own community ruleset and theme for CoreRPG or MoreCore or wait the Foundry to get some nice UI overhaul.

Foundry doesnt hold a candle to Fantasy Grounds in my opinion. Its a nice tabletop sim of sorts, but FG combines campaign management, automation of rules and virtual tabletop play in an excellent format.
But I do appreciate the fact that its a lot harder to make good rulesets for because of it.

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Yeah, I was hoping there would be some information from Modiphius about this or STA, but apparently it’s not a big enough issue for them to even acknowledge.

We’ve both acknowledged and chatted about this on a few threads.
We have the game on Roll 20 and there is another one we are talking to, possibly more.

But our main issue is how much work it takes from our end.
Some people take our stuff and do all the work themselves, which is easy.
But if they want us to provide the content we just don’t have the hours in the day.