DUNE RPG system

Is the DUNE RPG going to be powered by the 2d20 system?

I haven’t immersed myself into the mechanics of the game, but DUNE might be the tipping point for me if it goes in that direction.

It might be too early to say, but I expect it will (going on the other scifi titles that Modiphius has).

Some people like and other people don’t like all sorts of systems, but my attitude is less to do with what dice you roll in the basic engine and more about whether the subsystems meet the needs of the type of tale being told. In Dune, there is politics and spicy prescience in abundance - so I hope there is some form of social combat system, some form of House-based political set up, and a system that emphasises a vivid dream like feel.

I wait with some tentative hope that it will be a great game!



Do you think 2d20 could meet your expectations?


Yes - so long as the game details the subsystems needed.

I’d say most likely. It is a flexible system that can scale pretty well in complexity. The first usage of the system, in Mutant Chronicles, was pretty complex and detailed; while Star Trek is very streamlined and much less complex.

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The two 2D20 games i’ve read are Infinity and STA. Infinity is the first RPG I’ve come across that more or less seamlessly melds physical, virtual, and psychological aspects to every form of conflict.

[EDIT] As such I have no doubt that 2D20 could be excellently tailored for Dune.

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I am so very sorry but I do not like the 2d20 system. so much so I returned Conan back to the book store. I like mutant and alpha labs because they use the six sided dice system . I am sorry such bueatiful games such as conan and John carter of mars are using 2d20 I do not like rolling under and I could not figure the conan rules out it was so vague for me. I know I am going to get hate mail or something but I have to be honest and say I do not like the 2d20 SYSTEM AND IF YOUR GOING TO RUIN DUNE WITH IT. I WELL not play it. I ave the original dune and if I wanted to to play that by now I would have, I prefer system of more classic or old school tilt. 2d6 as in Traveller or 100% , I lover roll master roll high open 100 system . I fear that game is too much for most. it was a shame that when so few game companies in UK you guys do not kind of support one another in development. again I did not write this to anger any one, I want it to be know that I still like dust adventures and loop and Mutant year zero, those are good system too and easy and good for a pick up game.

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EDIT* This post came off as a lot more aggressive than intended. If you dislike 2d20 that is perfectly fine and I would quite happily discuss with you on that topic.

What? It is exactly the same mechanic as rolling higher than. There is a number you need to beat, you roll dice and check your result. It may be that there are other factors of 2d20 that you don’t like, that’s fair, but to state “Roll Under” as the lynch pin is ludicrous.

Fine, you don’t like 2d20 because you could’t grasp Conan.

2d20 is altered to suit each game line. 2d20 Conan is different to 2d20 Star trek which is different to 2d20 John Carter. IMHO I feel that 2d20 works very well in a drama/role play heavy setting which is something I would expect from a Dune game. To shout that 2d20 is going to “ruin” Dune is frankly childish and as for not playing it… don’t, no one is forcing you to play it.

Sorry, what? Games Workshop, Pelgrane Press, Cubicle 7, Mongoose Publishing (to name some of the more well known ones)

Areafiftyone, 2d20 is not everyone’s cup of tea. You can feel safe here expressing your opinion. As a whole we’re a very accepting lot and your thoughts will always be welcome.

It is truly difficult for any games publisher to please everyone with any one particular game system. There are those who rave about the wonderful ruleset of PbTA (Powered by The Apocalpse) game engine, but I personally, do not like it.

I enjoy all the 2d20 variations from the most complex Mutant Chronicles pioneering edition to the lightest John Carter of Mars variant of 2d20.

So, yes, I am desperate to see a 2d20 rule set for Frank Herbert’s Dune too.


Could you please state why you considered the Conan rules too vague? Would you say the same about Star Trek?

I had a very rough start with 2d20 a few months ago when I started game mastering Mutant Chronicles. I suppose starting with the first game in than line wasn’t such a good idea, since by then there were already other 2d20 games more streamlined (by the way, it would be nice to have a revised edition of Mutant Chronicles, with some polishing over the rough edges…). Anyway, at first it was difficult to adapt, but I’m starting to grow fond of it. I haven’t yet tried Conan, Infinity and John Carter, but they sure look easier to get into than MC (specially John Carter). So, even if Dune uses the same system, it will be adapted anyway, so no one knows what it will look like in the end.

sorry to all I did not mean to cap that sentence, I was type from a very cramped keyboard and screen and before I realize it wow. again I did not post to make any one made, I just want to be up front. I like a bet more crunchy games , some of the one’s that cute the roof of your mouth. and by the way thier are not a lot of Rpg companies in the u.k. say compered to even say Texas . or Washington state, but you do have more then say Denmark or Finland. I just meant to say with your island like ness you must kind of know one another fairly well, considering I live in the states and know a lot of the game companies and thier directors well. we have these thing in the states called Origins and Gencon . That we all go to. I am kidding and I am sorry no one got my humor.

well I Try to set down with a buddy to make a character, and Iremeber after word to be burn out and confused and when we finally worked it out we all said , to tarnations with this game , we will go back to conan d20 before we try that again. as far as star Trek. I own three star trek games . Star Trek Fasa, Start Decephier AND Spacemen and spaceship . so the game is kind of saturated for me.look I like mutant year zero and Loop, and alpha labs and Dust the adventure game. so It’s not that I disfavor your company. I waited two years for Conan , tried the quick STAT and said hey not too bad I think, so I bought the book at books a million’s. took home read it for days and my friend mike came over and say hey dude let make characters . it figuratively burned me out. so I went and took it back and bout Fantasy age. so I have to say if you guy could flip some of your properties to a more simple system like AGE. that would be great. or your system in Mutant year zero. I would be really grateful And you can have some more of my money.

If you give more details than “burned out” it would be swell!

I think games companies from the UK are in rude health, myself, and very well represented in the overall market, but this is really not the subject of this thread.

It should be noted that nobody actually knows what the system for Dune will be. 2d20 is something of a house system, but there are significant differences between the systems used in Mutant Chronicles, Conan, Star Trek and others. It’s hard to make a categorical analysis of how 2d20 would work out, if it is used at all, in a Dune game.

Why all the angst?

I like the 2d20 system, however up until now it has been used for heroic pulp style gameplay.
I don’t think that heroic pulp is an accurate description of Dune.
If 2d20 is used I hope that Modiphius can make the system work for a more grim, perilous and noir style of gameplay. Dune is much more deliberately paced than most settings. It’s a setting where politics, house/school identification and social interactions between the myriad of character types should probably be the focus of the system.

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Well, it’s also been used for Star Trek - which is more TV/movie sci-fi than heroic pulp style gameplay.

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I’m old school so I don’t feel any game needs mechanics for social interaction (even Dune) so am not a massive 2d20 fan, but Modiphius never fails in delivering beautiful, well researched and generically useful products and that is enough for me. There’s nothing wrong with using their source material with rules from Chronicles of the Imperium, A Dream of Rain or, hell, systems designed for anything like Hero or GURPS.

If they account for playing in different time periods within the setting, I hope that the default setting in the rpg will be the era of the original Dune novel, by far the most popular story in the series and the book that is recognized around the world as one of the best science fiction novels ever written.

This would be a similar track as what has been used for Star Trek Adventures, with it’s default setting of TNG. STA still acknowledges TOS and other eras and leaves open the possibility of future source books detailing these other periods in which people may set their games.

The same could be done for Dune.

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