New to 2D20 system, any advice/suggestions for getting head around it

I’ve been a player and GM of several RPG systems over the years, most more ‘crunchy’ than the Dune RPG version of 2D20. Could anyone point me in a direction of articles or videos that run through the basics of how the system works? It makes sense on a read, but I’d like some more examples/observations before we go live with our group.


From another thread, a duel example that I found useful: [Dune RPG] Yep, pretty good so far. | Page 5 | RPGnet Forums


We’ve also got a few blog posts on the modiphius site that you may find helpful, more on the way.

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I had only read a few of the early ones before the game released. Thanks for pointing me to the newer ones. Good stuff in there, looking forward to more.

lots of good reading in that thread. The duel example is helpful!

The abstraction levels will be a learning lesson for a couple of my players who are used to more crunchy RPG rulesets.

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