Concrete Examples of Play

@RedneckRPGer @CountThalim @Andy-Modiphius @Tantavalist, etc.

I propose a truce.

In order to move discussion from theorycraft and to hopefully serve the broader Dune RPG community, I say we set up scenarios whereby those who want examples of play describe what they want to do and those who feel like they have a grasp of the system explain what rolls they would call for and/or how they would go about adjudicating the scenario.

So, not quite a play-by-post, but more than a white room scenario. For ease of use, we can use pre-gens from the Core rule book and go from there.

What do you say? As Hamlet says, “the play’s the thing,” right? It’s clear to me that we are all Dune fans, Modiphius has invested in the IP, and I think we all want to like and get as much enjoyment out of ruleset that we can.

It should be a learning experience for all of us. I know I can use the practice (which is why I posted the Dueling and Standard Move question earlier today) and hopefully it can be a constructive forum (pardon the pun) for folks to get comfortable with what Modiphius has put out to the market.



You are correct @Evocatus, I let my emotions and misunderstanding get the better of me.
It is time like this thst I miss Steve’s presence on the forums.

@RedneckRPGer I apologise for calling you a troll, any issues I may have with your actions are on me and does not excuse throwing slurs at other forum members.

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