Freedom for the Beta team!

If you were among the playtesters for our closed Beta you will notice that the Preview bears a lot of similarities, as well as a lot of additions.

As such, not only can you talk about the game now, but actually we’d like you to.

Feel free to resurrect any threads and start new ones on rules questions and comments, and the crop of adventure ideas that were also going around.
The discussion was really good for us but also will be really helpful to new players and GMs looking to get to grips with the system.

I’m also here to do my best to answer any questions you have about how the rules work etc, whether you are an experience Dune GM/Player or only just getting involved.


@Andy-Modiphius, does that mean we can also discuss it publicly and outside the forum?

Yes indeed. Publicly on this forum is still public so you’re all good. :slight_smile:
Go forth and spread the word!
(Its also helpful for all of you guys with more experience of the system to help people answer any questions you see about it too.)

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Yes, I ran the beta with my friends on the Polyhedron Collider podcast, and they were left considering ways to record something to release in the future whilst the beta game was still relatively fresh in out minds, if the NDA had dragged on. Hopefully they’ll be able to take time to discuss it soon!

For those who were not Beta testers, but who now have the preview PDF via pre-order:

We can run the Desertfall scenario openly and publicly now, correct? Say, for an upcoming virtual event.